What is the purpose of your newsletter?

I am interested in learning what most of the people in this community publish the newsletters for. Please share the purpose of your newsletter e.g.

  1. Informational. (e.g. Marketing, Software Design, Stock Market tips)
  2. Product Promotions
  3. Charity or non-profit donations/news
  4. Other (please explain)
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    With the recent move to more remote work I've been curating a newsletter that brings you inside the workspaces of creatives/entrepreneurs!


  2. 1

    The newsletter that I publish is designed to curate articles and videos on how to answer interview questions. https://interview2success.substack.com/

  3. 1

    Virtual Mojito Live is designed to distribute inside knowledge of the virtual event, remote working and online community industry.

    It's a combination of new product release, founder interview, events recommendation and articles.

  4. 1
    1. A place to teach and share everything I learn - about humans in the context of building business. I like digging into details and getting the bottom of things. With The Leaf Node others benefit from my findings too.

    I also use it as a forcing function to ship something each week.

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    I help consulting firms discover uncommon insights and growth strategies. Much of what I share was learned while building my last firm to 8-figures before selling it 2 years ago.

    Who wouldn't want better outcomes for customers, employees, and themselves?


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    Informational. I write about interesting and relevant topics on https://straightforward.fyi that people are probably hearing about but may not fully understand.

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    Informational - I'm trying to teach fundamental computing concepts to developers that I think will make them better programmers.

    1. 2

      Nice, that is up my alley. I teach/mentor early to mid-career programmers and wrote an ebook with the same "tagline"

      1. 1

        That's brilliant!

        I think there's plenty of room for this kind of content.
        There's really not enough of it, and it's great to hear that I'm not the only person trying to teach the same thing 🙂.

        The biggest challenge for me is trying to be concise. I now understand why most explanations of these things are long, it's hard to do the opposite!

        How is the book going? It looks great.

        1. 1

          Hi @daves106 - haha yes being concise and also presenting the information in the right order and only presenting what's relevant at a particular 'level'. Those are all challenges. I spent 4 to 5 hours on each chapter in the book (~1000 words). And a lot of that time was cutting out stuff, make it shorter, clearer, thinking up examples and analogies, etc.

          As far the book, thanks for asking! I sold ~20 copies, though ~50 people have used it in some way (as I gave away some as well). So not exactly break-even for time/effort but I enjoyed the process and heard good feedback from those who found it. This is a start. I enjoy geeking out over pedagogy and teaching techniques, so more to come.

          How about you, how is your daily letter going?

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    I share links to content that I consumed and sometimes I create weekly

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