What is your blog and what do you write about?

I love reading personal blogs, could be about anything not necessarily indie hacking. So feel free to share your blog and tell us what it's about.

I'm also trying to collect all the personal blogs I can find to create a directory of them.

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    I'm writing The Leaf Node it's about indie hacking and for makers on a journey from employee to entrepreneur.

    I also write about more general things like learning, pedagogy, habits so it's for curious lifelong learners as well.

    Basically a place for teaching and sharing everything I'm learning.

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      @bhumi! I remember having a random call with you a while ago when there was that indie hacker coffee chat spreadsheet. Blog looks pretty good, packed with knowledge.

      Noticed a slight bug on the homepage where the newsletter button on the bottom right has the top cut off a bit.

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        Hi @dkb868, yes! I remember chatting with your via @rosiesherry's awesome spreadsheet last year.

        Thanks! for checking out The Leaf Node - I'm having fun with it, the only goal is to write and share useful learning. (yeah I need to do the sign-up form myself, embedding a widget from elsewhere).

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    john.do — i write about all the things. family, startups, kids, leadership... whatever i want.

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      Woah archives all the way back to 2008? You've been in the blogging game for a long time.

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        i've been blogging since 2001, tbh! i don't have those archives up tho: http://john.do/first/

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      Great domain name. I was trying to get Ryan.pm, alas, it was taken.

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        doh! i had desk.pm for a while... that was fun.

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    Hey, I just started writing about low-code tech and stuff from the last few months for the company I'm working for, DronaHQ [www.dronahq.com]

    Pls check it out and let me know!


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      Cool stuff, thanks for sharing!

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    Personal blog: www.karllhughes.com
    Company blog: draft.dev/learn

    My writing is typically about startups, engineering, marketing, and management. I also write for clients sometimes, although my team is doing most of the heavy lifting these days.

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      You're doing your blog, 2 newsletters, and your company at the same time? That's crazy, how do you do it?

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        I automate some of it and pay other people to do some of it. 😁

        The key is leveraging the skills you have and leaning on others for the things you don't like to do.

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    I started Learning Stuff last week. Learning Stuff is a weekly write-up summarising notable learnings from the week of working on my business. Some weeks may be general business-y stuff (my first article was about the Press Release and FAQ process) while others may be a technical learning of some sort.

    My goal is for it to be somewhat of a knowledge repository for myself, while also being useful to others.


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      My goal is for it to be somewhat of a knowledge repository for myself, while also being useful to others.

      Love this philosophy. Think of all the knowledge we would have on the internet if everyone did this.

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    I think we are witnessing a new paradigm shift, but this time will take it to the "upgraded" basics. I'm tired of losing content and control over content on social media platforms, and then I would like to properly document and share my current journey experience.

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    I just got myself back to blogging https://blog.madi.se/

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      Nice, what inspired you to get back into it?

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    Love the idea of a directory and would be really interested to follow it!

    I write about maps, music, indie hacking, data visualization, and the outdoors.

    You can read my writing at https://www.lostcreekdesigns.co/writing/.

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      Love the music recommendations, listening to Checking Up right now and it's pretty good!

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        Right on! Love that song so much.

        Planning on turning the weekly music posts into a newsletter soon. Here's the subscribe link in case you are interested!


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    https://dwayne.xyz - Personal (and professional?) blog about tech, gaming, and interesting stuff I end up reading about. I do freelance web development so the website also helps support that effort.

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      Nice design, I like the animations. And I like your take on Last Pass. As a Last Pass free tier user right now I think what they did was pretty questionable.

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    I'm writing The Valuable Dev for 5 years already. I focus on practices and skills in software development which are both useful and timeless.

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      Thanks for sharing, I like the vim tutorials!

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    I'm writing on my blog called Curls, Clouds and Code. Mostly about topics involving software development, but also some meta-topics regarding psychology, and some stories from my own life.

    At the moment I'm working at implementing a graph such that articles and their underlying coherence can be conveyed much more clearly than possible using a traditional blog format. More interesting stuff to come there in the future!

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      At the moment I'm working at implementing a graph such that articles and their underlying coherence can be conveyed much more clearly than possible using a traditional blog format.

      Sounds really cool and is something I've thought about as well. Would love to hear more about what you're planning here. You may also be interested in https://notes.andymatuschak.org/About_these_notes and https://notes.azlen.me/g3tibyfv/.

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    I write mid - level to advanced tutorials normally on areas I struggled with to help others.

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      Curious to hear about your choice to write on Medium vs your own blog. Does it help you get money / distribution? And do you think there are any drawbacks to having your content behind a paywall?

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        I will eventually have my own blog but for now medium is fine. I like thier interface and I have made a small amount of money via the paywall. What's nice about it is that they give you a link that allows others to see your content without the pay wall. I think they make for a better place to syndicate your content.

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    Hi, right now I'm mostly writing about programming (mobile apps in React Native). Productivity (or digital hygiene) is another topic that I'm interested in.

    I started my blog to practice English. Now I'm focusing on giving value and try to create a personal brand. Check out koprowski.it

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      I started my blog to practice English.

      That's an interesting approach, because then you get the benefits of having a blog at the same time. Pretty cool.

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    areknawo.com - a personal blog about web development, general programming, and (occasionally) tech.

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      Nice stuff, is this written using your CodeWrite tool?

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        Yes! My blog is powered by Ghost, and I launched official support for auto-filling it in v1.0.4. You can see one of my latest blog posts ("You don't know the classNames library") ​cross-posted to all CodeWrite-supported platforms:

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    I'm writing in rajasimon.io mostly python web application development and some personal stuff.

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      I had to double check to make sure I wasn't on Medium. Did you build that clap widget yourself?

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        Hi there! Yes I built it myself. I wan the same clap and comment experience that's why I've created a blogstreak.com. A component library for all of the static blog needs.

        Let me know your comment :)

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    I write about Ruby, Elixir, Linux.

    I am actually thinking if I should make it more personal to include some travel as well.


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      I am actually thinking if I should make it more personal to include some travel as well.

      Yeah it's an interesting question whether you should keep a blog niche and focused or not and there's arguments for both sides. Even among the blogs people listed here, some are mixing tons of different topics while others are really focused. Maybe the right answer is whichever you find the most fun.

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    A personal blog where I share my experiences as Head of Product for a venture builder 🧔. Just added yesterday my latest section - Experiments you can run to test critical assumptions.


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      Good stuff! I see it's made in Webflow, how are you liking it?

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    Personal blog: https://blog.dsebastien.net & https://dsebastien.medium.com/
    Newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/fb661753d54a/developassion-newsletter

    I write about software development, web development, TypeScript, software architecture, IT security, management, leadership, and a bit about my newbie journey into SaaS-land ;-)

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      Awesome thanks for sharing!

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    Personal blog: https://karngyan.com/blog
    Newsletter: https://email.karngyan.email

    I am a final year undergrad student. The blog is mostly software engineering oriented. The newsletter is weekly and I have written for the past 4 weeks. Fingers Crossed on many more weeks.

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      Haha I like that the cta for donations is "buy me a beer" not a coffee. Good stuff, I like the design!

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    erickson.pm, I literally just rebooted my writing last week after a hiatus. It’s a Project Management centric blog with no particular agenda at the moment.

    I was writing a newsletter on the same subject not long ago, but I didn’t like just talking about other people’s product/projects. So, here’s to new beginnings. 🍻

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      I was writing a newsletter on the same subject not long ago, but I didn’t like just talking about other people’s product/projects. So, here’s to new beginnings.

      Oh interesting. What are you planning to do differently this time? Focus on your own PM experience?

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        Try to keep it a little closer to my experiences and of course opinion. I want to be able to give my perspective on the pros and cons of the industry/craft of PM. We’ll see how it goes. It’s a side project for sure; only doable when I’m not actually being a PM. ;)

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    My current blog is at https://www.ramoswriter.com/ although I have posted in over a month because of work commitments 🤦‍♂️😅

    What do you like to write about?

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      Nice! I like the passion economy stuff you have. Lots of good pointers to other resources.

      I'm actually still working on my blog so it's not up yet 🙈but shipping it soon. Planning to write about organizing information, search, and topics in that general realm.

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    My personal blog Moonshots Beyond the Cloud covers astronomy and space Android apps, Google products and technologies, Python, self-publishing, and blogging.

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      Such a wide variety of topics, this is awesome. Definitely agree with your post on RSS [0]. It allows readers to get the content they care about without being hindered by algorithmic feeds.

      1. https://blog.paoloamoroso.com/2020/12/why-your-blog-still-needs-rss.html
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        Thanks, glad you like it. I like to think the blog has a few core, loosely related themes I elaborate on.

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