Money April 6, 2020

What is your experience with Payoneer and what else do you use

Zaher Ghaibeh @zaherg


I am looking for an excellent payment gateway that I can use as a freelancer/contractor (other than banks).

I can't use Stripe, nor Paypal as they are not supported in my residence country.

Payoneer looks a good option, but sadly they are a pain to deal with, especially while you are trying to validate your account and if you are not a citizen in your residence country (as in my case).

I tried to validate my account, but they have refused all the official papers I've provided. Now with all fuzz around the world, they keep asking for more documents that you can't get unless you went to a physical office to get. And most companies/banks and even government offices do not serve foreigners unless it is urgent.

I use Paddle for my product, but Paddle can't be used to charge for services based on their FAQ here.

Paddle is built to serve digital products, such as software, web apps, and digital downloads. If your company offers human services such as consultation, support, or design services, Paddle is not a good fit for your needs.

So what do you think about Payoneer? Do you think I should keep trying to validate my account with them or you have a terrible experience with them that you can share?

And what other options are available out there which Serve globally and wire transfer your money to you via banks.

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    I tried to pay a contractor when they sent me to Payoneer with an invoice. Payment went through fine, then was put on hold until I provided documents. Too much of a hassle. I asked them to refund the money and I cancelled the service from the contractor as that was their only payment gateway.

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      Actually this is also my main concern, to request money via Payoneer then get everything on-hold for some unknown reasons.

      Sorry to ask, but do you remember what documents they have requested from you? and why they asked for it?

      Thanks for sharing your experience 👍

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        Hi, no I don't remember. Probably a driver's license and other docs? Don't remember.

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          No worries, thanks @PatriceWilliamsMarks ..

          It is really a strange strategy from them to ask you as the buyer to provide any documents, I can justify asking the seller/service provider but not the client/buyer.

          Anyway, thank you very much your input is very appreciated

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    Payoneer worked very fine for me when I was actively working in

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      You applied to Payoneer from your home country right? not while you are living aboard.

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        Yes, from my home country.

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          Ok, got it, thanks 👍