Developers August 9, 2020

📲 What is your experience with supporting touch devices?

Pavel Klavík @klavik

I have spend last two weeks working on touch support in OrgPad and it is finally working well and we should be able to release it in couple days: It was quite tricky, especially since one has to recognize multifingure gestures and deal with velocity as well. Originally, I was looking into HammerJS, but it seemed to limited and badly designed, so I decided to write everything from scratch.

What is your approach to deal with touches? Do you just use browser emulation?

There are a few more things I am not sure how to solve yet:

Sometimes touch events are not emitted, so I have no way to detect that gesture ended. This happens in particular when a pinch gesture is ended by lifting one finger and the other finger continues moving: I no longer get its events.

Different devices behave differently, for instance touch feels differently, velocity is either to slow, or two fast. What is the approach to solve this? Device detection and tweaking?

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