What is your favourite blog post ever?

Is there a blog or more specifically an article that has impressed you particularly?

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    I reference this at least once a week https://sivers.org/obvious

    My biz partner wrote this so I am biased but I think it's incredible

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      The whole blog of Derek Sivers is amazing. Thanks for that!

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      This looks very useful, thanks!

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      Amazing read. I love how it put life in perspective. We behave too often like we're immortal. That's a huge mistake to me.

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        I make that mistake as well :)

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    Not specifically indie hacker-ish, but I always remember Steve Yegge's post (developer centric). Here's a round-up made by someone else who seems to have liked his posts as well: http://sam-koblenski.blogspot.com/2015/05/the-best-steve-yegge-posts.html

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      I never heard of him, but I literally watched a presentation two hours ago speaking about him. Funny. Thanks for that!

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    We are all confident idiots.

    It obliges me to stay humble, to listen to people, and to keep my ego in check.

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    I really love Backlinko's blog post on link building using the skyscraper technique. Really solid step by step guide that helped me when I was starting to do more link building campaigns.

    Happy to suggest a couple more on CRO and content distribution too, if anyone's interested.

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      Backlinko is awesome! He has lots of videos on YT as well

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    Everything Patrick Mckenzie (patio11) has written. Especially his famous salary negotiation blog - https://www.kalzumeus.com/2012/01/23/salary-negotiation/

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      Thanks, I watched some of his MicroConf videos and they were really good

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    A blog post that impressed me is Small b blogging by Tom Critchlow.

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      Will check it out, thanks!

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