What is your sales / cold outreach stack?

Hey there!

As many of you guys asked, I'm sharing the sales stack we are using.

Hope you will enjoy it ;) Comment with your suggestions, we are always willing to improve it!

🔎 Email/lead generation: Snov.io / Hunter.io / Lusha.co

✅ Mail checking : DropContact.io / ZeroBounce.net

🔥 Email warm-up (one of the best around to boost delverability!): Warmbox.ai

📧 Cold email & Linkedin message: Outreach.com / Reply.io

📅 Booking meeting: Calendly.com

🤖 Cross-channel automation: LaGrowthMachine.com

📞 Cold calling: Ring.io / Aircall.io

💰 CRM: Pipedrive.com

❤ Glue to connect everything : Zapier.com

Would love to see what you guys are using!!

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    Icy Leads (https://icyleads.com) - For Finding Sales Leads & Sending Cold Email Outreach Campaigns

    Expandi (https://expandi.io) - For Automating LinkedIn Outreach Campaigns

    PipeDrive (https://pipedrive.com) - For Managing Warm Leads & Responses

    Combine all 3 of these and you have an extremely powerful trio.

    1. 1

      Agree! Pipedrive is the best for startup CRM 💪

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    nice list! A few of these are new to me ... and I run an agency that does this haha.

    Warmbox.ai is one i haven't heard of before either. I'm working on a competitor, it's close to being done, but I still haven't gotten access to gpt-3 :/

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