Twitter November 10, 2020

What is your Twitter conversion rate?

Victor @Akcium

It's not easy to understand, if your conversion is good or no.

In order to calculate it, I use

There is a summary for every period of time, so here is mine

2k visits, 30 new followers.

I understand that some of the visits are from people who already follow me.

But just to know which numbers others have, please share yours :)

P.S. Would love your opinions about my Twitter account and how can I improve it

  1. 3

    Here are mine → twitter angezanetti conversion rate

    That's pretty good actually! But I kinda cheated, a lot of them came from my recent IH post about twitter list →

  2. 3

    For October, I had 63K impressions, 3,735 visits, 166 followers for

  3. 3

    15.9k impressions, 656 visits, 49 followers. thanks to PH and IndieHackers

  4. 2

    381 visits, 3 new followers. As you see I don't pay a lot attention to twitter unfortunately :/

  5. 2

    3k visitors 65 followers for me, but it's definitely not hot period right now. At some points it was tens of thousands profile clicks and hundreds of followers :D

    I think your acc is quite awesome, subscribed to notifications. Just tweet consistently and you'll get to your goals!

    1. 1

      Hmm, in August I had a much bigger conversion & impressions rate.

      Not sure why it's so little now.

      But more or less, I see that you have the same numbers. Interesting...

  6. 2

    Tbh, I don't have any numbers and traction in Twitter because I just started posting in my account and growing it from zero.

  7. 1

    28 day summary

    tweets: 267
    impressions: 495K (+31.9%)
    visits: 14.4K (+27.8%)
    mentions: 423 (+13.4%)
    followers 3,378 (+843)

    this tweet nearly single handedly brought this much traffic

  8. 1

    Tweets 136 - 8.1%
    Tweet impressions 17.8K - 45.1%
    Profile visits 191 - 9.1%
    Mentions 20 - 4.8%
    Followers 311 - 22

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