What is your Twitter handle?

I've loved being apart of this community over the past month and I've connected with some great people.

What is your Twitter handle so that I can keep up to date with what you are doing?

Mine is: twitter.com/wezpyke

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    Working on a better way to discover the world's best clothing brands...


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    Deep breath before I dive in and follow everyone...


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      Looking forward to following your progress with TallyForms!

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        Thanks Wez! What are you working on?

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          I'm working on a mentoring platform at the moment. I'm hoping to get a landing page up in the next few weeks. I would have got one up sooner but the initial MVP is targeted at large organisations and my business partner has been handling that for the time being.

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            Cool! Good luck with launching the MVP!

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      Thanks for following, I've followed you back 🙂

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    Building a ghostwriting and content consultancy in public: https://twitter.com/ElmContent

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    Mainly on trying to grow along with the ClimateTech product I am setting out to build in public :)

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    I share React Native & other frontend tips:

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    I keep various things about projects I work on + thoughts on product design, cooking, photography and other hobbies :)


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    Well, I was looking for people to follow.

    Here is mine https://twitter.com/kalesh_13

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    I'm focused on getting to 1K followers by establishing credibility with my blog + tweets.
    Thanks for making this post @wez! I'm sure others will get a lot of value out of it as well.

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    https://twitter.com/alex_b_h_, tweeting about privacy, cryptography, SaaS and financial independence. Join me!

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    Hey just threw you a follow.

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