What is your voice/tone on social media?

What are your thoughts on finding/developing/marketing your “voice” on social media?

Currently I don’t have much of a following so I am not overly concerned and simply try to watch what others respond too. But I would be interested in hearing others’ thoughts on their approach - do you keep it corporate? Go “off brand”? Comment on any of the multitude of controversial landlines out there?

I have the ear of an active community on Twitter, which is where I am most active. (Full disclosure - if it were not for my businesses, I would not be on socials)


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    Oh jeez - so I am not on twitter, just Linked In, here, and a few other community groups.
    I just post exactly what I would say if we were talking.

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      I can totally respect that. There is a genuine quality which is great when people do that. I do find myself biting my tongue a lot.

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