What I've learned about money after 1 year of indiehacking

Finance and accounting is a topic few people talk about when it comes to indiehacking and building a business.

It looks boring and if you don't do right, truth is that you are gone (unless if you have lots of money to pay tax advisors & accountants).

Here are a few things I've learned so far...

My 2021 $$$ overview

  • All the details of my country's tax system and company legal forms
  • How to do proper budgeting and set financial goals
  • How to do forecasting and plan for the future
  • How to use spreadsheets properly
  • How to invest my profit to avoid taxes
  • How to invest into assets to generate future income

Truth is that I've no financial education and I don't know all these since I was always into freelancing and full-time employment. But I slowly get better every month!

Steps I am taking to learn all these:

That's all so far - There are many things to learn in the future but I am excited for the journey 🤩

If you are new to my journey, on June 2020 I quit my job with a year of savings (32.000€) to chase my dream of becoming a full-time IndieHacker. I had no specific plans or project ideas to work on. Only a goal, some savings and my skills. Since then I share every week what happens behind the scenes.

Feel free to join me on my journey, and to check all the updates I 've published so far!

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