What I've Learned From My First Pre-Sale Product

I've made 11 Pre-sales in less than a week which is super exciting! I wanted to share what I've learned from this experience.

1. Customer's Pain Points

I hang out with the people I'm building for and try to understand the pain points they share in their posts and comments. I also don't ask any leading questions because they might give you an inauthentic answer. I really want to build something that solves their problem not have people say how much they love my idea.

2. I Can't do it Alone

If you don't have an audience, most of us don't, you need to be a part of a supportive community of builders like yourself so you can help each other along the way. - Thank you Indie Hackers @rosiesherry :)

Although I have close to 700 followers on Twitter, most of them are not my target audience.

3. Building in Public is Powerful

I get to meet and talk to others about what they're working on and help where I can. People also give me feedback which helps me create a better product.

4. Share What I've Learned

Although what I've learned seems trivial, sharing it with others may be helpful to someone one step behind me and also allows me to really think about how I got here.

I hope this helps :)

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