What kind of collaboration tools do you prefer to use in small teams?

I put together a basic list of free or cheap software I will be recommending to people and I was wondering if there is something great missing here.

Have a look: https://stribny.github.io/small-dev-teams-software/

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    Great Ressource 👍 www.notion.so is a great tool both for Project Management and Knowledge Base 😊

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      I know about Notion but didn't include it because I think it is expensive.

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        Yeah, agreed. It depends on how big your team or project will get. You can collaborate on the free version as well, but there‘s a block limitation.

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    We use https://telegram.org/ as our main communication tool, and Jira (free plan) to track the progress

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    I think https://simpleboard.io can clearly solve many of your problem and it's quite cheap compare to other tools
    it help keep track of all work progress of team members with a realtime dashboard.

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    Rollbar for log/error reporting....free for low usage (I use for free on large SaaS with 3000+ users, just need to keep code error free, a good thing!)

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      I had included only collaboration tools now, but once I start adding developer tools, I might add it. Thanks!

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    I really like www.lucidchart.com for diagrams. Scales up too if your team grows later.

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      Thanks, will have a look :)

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