Design and UX February 18, 2020

What kind of logo would suit this name?


Hey all,

Disclaimer, I'm a software dev who knows little about logo design so my question will probably sound noobish.

SmartElm will be the name of my new big data analytics consultancy and I've been trying to figure out whether the logo should contain some kind of graphics or just text. The name is quite catchy IMHO but the problem is that "elm" is a kind of tree which has nothing to do with data analytics. The reason I went with it was that it's 2 syllables with the word "smart" in it and the .com was still available.

I'll be looking to get someone to design a logo for me. Basically what I'd like to know is that whether I should ask them to do a letters-only logo or try to come up with one with graphics.

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    Good initiative @roland

    Suggestion: Keep it simple.

    Only invest budget and time into a more comprehensive brand when your project takes off. For that reason, let's do letters-only.

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    I would recommend add a "o" to the end.... "SmartElmo" which can be a Smart Tickle Me Elmo kinda like if Apple was to make an iElmo .

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      Problems as I see it:

      • SmartElmo .com is not available
      • it's 3 syllables not 2
      • I think Elmo, the character, is most likely trademarked
      • an Elmo-like character would be even less relevant to data analytics than an elm tree