What LMS are people here using?

Is there anybody out there selling training courses online? If so, how are you sharing your content with your subscribers - are you using something like thinkific/teachable, or are you rolling your own solution?

The reason I’m asking - I’m currently building a solution to help small content creators sell their courses online easily. There seems to be a downmarket opportunity here, as the services I’ve mentioned seem pretty pricy for a small creator - in the case of thinkific, if you have a $10 course and you are making 30 sales a month, then the $79 thinkific subscription takes over a quarter of your revenue already.

If be interested to know if people are using something like thinkific already, what pain points you are facing, and whether you’d consider switching to something that provided 90% of the core functionality for maybe $15-20 per month?

Thanks for looking

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    I built my own LMS for https://onemonthlingo.com but that is because rely on a bunch of unique interactive learning components specific to audio/language learning that don't fit in the standard "Here is some text and a video" format that most of the big platforms support.

    As to your larger question, Teachable and Thinkific both offer free plans, and Teachable has paid plans that start at $29/mo. I don't think there is a huge opportunity for a $10-$20/month offering. Once you get below $29/mo I think people will be simply looking for something that is free.

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    I’m using Learndash plugin on my Wordpress site. Much the same functionality as thinkific at a fraction of the price.

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      Thanks for the input. My solution will be it’s own platform rather than a wordpress plugin, but it’ll be a similar sort of price point to this

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