Twitter August 5, 2020

What makes you decide to follow someone on twitter?

Yehuda Brickman @yehuda

I’m wondering what types of posts are most likely to cause you to follow someone on twitter? Do you follow people based on an individual post that you really liked? Is it based on their historical tweets? Is it if you know them from somewhere else?

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    I don't decide based on post itself. I go to profile bio and that's the first thing. I'm checking if a profile is value producer or value consumer (to put it in that words).

    Split second decisions. If it's interesting, I follow. It's kind of trial period. If I don't like the future posts, I press unfollow, it's simple, no hard feelings.

    In a same manner I've adjusted my twitter profile, so others can also decide in split second.

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    I follow people based on their historical tweets and I always look for the value they provide to me.

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    I usually visit their profile and see what type of tweets they post. If it's something I find interesting (marketing, startup, or coding) I follow them.

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    I review a person's tweet history to decide. I follow them only if they consistently tweet about my interests with informative, practical, or actionable content. I'm not into thought leaders or inspirational content as what they say feels too vague to me, so I don't follow them.

    Frequent tweets about politics are a deal breaker, even if I agree with them.

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      Thanks for the response!

      I see what you mean about actionable content, would you prefer images/videos/text or do you not care as long as it’s actionable.

      And I 100% agree with your sentiment about the politics.

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        I don't care about the format or media as long as the content is interesting to me. As I said, something that's informative, practical, or actionable.

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