Gumroad September 30, 2020

What makes your Gumroad page unique?

Felix Wong @felix12777

What makes your Gumroad page unique?

I've been a Gumroad user for almost a year. I wish I've started earlier.

I am always amazed at how people make a Gumroad page irresistible.

Yes true. Your product is really important. But your design, content, and creativity also play an important role in your sales.

A few days ago, I published VenturesList on Gumroad:

  • Content-wise is still very basic i.e. product, the "why"s, "how"s, etc..
  • I really enjoy making the cover image attractive and intuitive
  • I know a lot of people will use GIFs and emojis. I'm keeping it plain as of now

Now, your turn.

  • What is your hack?
  • And why do you choose Gumroad?
  • How can we learn from your Gumroad page?
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    My hack is to not just go down the sole Gumroad route. I built my own landing page in Next.js for a set of iOS 14 icons I'm launching on Gumroad next week.

    Imo having a standalone webpage really helps to stand you out from other products, as well as being a lot faster to load – with added privacy for people viewing your page (No cookies loaded in until they want to buy the product).

    1. 3

      OH MAN your landing page is neat! Would love to support. Are you going to publish here and PH? @tobeagram

      1. 1

        Thanks @felix12777, really appreciate it! I am going to ask for some feedback on IH in a bit, and maybe will publish PH once the icons are out next week.

        1. 1

          Cool stuff! Please keep us posted!

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    I'm only starting out on Gumroad too. In my case it's a course but some things I'm considering:

    • Course content previews - does it contain topics I care about?
    • Course media - does it type of media (visual, audial, etc.) that I can learn with?
    • Course professionalism - does it look like a professional wrote the content or an independent? (Debatable but considering these branding concerns)
    • Course outcome - what will completing the course get me?
    • Course language and copy - how accessible is the language? Bland and chore-like or exciting and empowering?
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      All good points!! You’re always the most supportive person. What makes you choose Gumroad but not other tools?

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        Good Q! I just love the simplicity of Gumroad and I've been seeing more of it recently. I like its presales/tiered pricing tool too. Little disclaimer: I haven't gotten knees deep into Gumroad yet, so I have yet to discover its shortcomings

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          Perhaps you can identify a fit between Gumroad and Notion? @logicalicy

          I know @kavir is working on cool thing!

          1. 1

            This is a good point. I wonder if the course can be augmented with a Notion repository of resources. This is a great shout @felix12777

          2. 1

            This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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    Hi @felix12777 take a look at some of the page breakdowns I did. They can give you an idea of what I look for when using Gumroad. Also, using other platforms is okay too, actually the more the better. Like any other content the more your spread yourself out the better. That way you're not necessarily relying only on one medium. For me, Gumroad is just super easy to use. I'm comfortable with it, mainly the reason I use it now.

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      That's super cool tho. What other tools do you use in order to make your Gumroad page more comprehensive? @Paolo

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