Martial Artists July 9, 2020

What martial art do you train in?

Yarty @onemanparty

Before jumping into the world of indie hacking and entrepreneurship, my passion has always been martial arts.

I've been training since I was 16 starting with wrestling, then boxing, then onto eventually MMA (brazilian jiu-jitsu, etc.). I've also competed in MMA and BJJ, which was fun.

Today, I focus entirely on BJJ (better for my head). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to train since the pandemic started but hopefully things will settle down so I can get back on the mats.

What martial art do you train in?

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    I haven't as yet, but I'm interested in BJJ. I'm an MMA/UFC fan :)

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      Nice! How long have you been a fan for? Any favorite fighters?

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        I jumped on the McGregor hype train and have been hooked since. Before that I was more into boxing.

        Favourites: McGregor, Nate, Adesanya, Masvidal, Leon Edwards and Rose Namajunas.

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    Lifelong exerciser with no martial arts experience after a few karate classes in 6th grade.

    But I was on the verge of signing up at the local BJJ gym before the pandemic hit!

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      This pandemic has been the worst 😞.

      Once this whole situation settles down, I think you'll really enjoy it. 🙂

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    Been training in Muay Thai for over 10 years now. Used to compete in the Amateur circuit in North America and won a championship in 2014. But over the past few years been too focused on work and just never got back into the groove. Now with covid it would be nice to get in the gym to hit the bags but I think I’ll pass haha. Would love to get into BJJ next though but yeah doesn’t look like it’s gonna be a good time to get into that anytime soon

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    Kickboxing. I can notice significant improvement in my mental capabilities when I follow my training and sleep schedule. It's really an alternative to mindfulness training. There is nothing else that makes you more aware of your surroundings than being punched in the face :)
    Moreover, our reptilian brain is not good with detecting what the real danger is in the modern work environment and misfires stress signals. Getting body calibrated to what is real physical danger is great for stress and anger management.

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    Kendo. Love the ceremony around it.

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    BJJ and Muy Thai but moving forward will continue with BJJ only too... I actually have an idea for a killer app in the space ;)

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      Love to hear about it when you have time :)

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    I did roman wrestling, kung-fu, boxing and currently Kickboxing and MMA :D

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    Jeet kune do from bruce lee, I love the philosophy. Before, I learn muay thai, pencak silat, bjj and judo. JKD teach me about simplicity, directness and freedom (the form of no form).

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    I've done a bit of MMA, muay thai and BJJ, don't think I had the flexibility for BJJ, but love muay thai. Hopefully going to get back into the gym soon.

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    Wushu? Does that count?

    I used to be a national-level competitor in high school (back in Singapore), and even though wushu is purely aesthetic (not practical), it surely is grueling!

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      Definitely counts :) Thats really amazing to hear.

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    I ran my own martial arts gym before moving to the US. Before COVID-10, I just started getting into 柔術 again, got my purple belt from a former training partner, and placed 2nd in a tournament in March. Met my wife in a Muay Thai gym over eight years ago. She punched me in the face, that's how we connected. I miss training and rolling and hope to get back to it soon. I honestly think that's going to happen for various (and hopefully obvious) reasons anytime soon though.

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    Been training BJJ for the last 3.5 years. Great lessons that apply to building your own business: like getting your butt kicked, getting humbled, but getting right back out there to keep training.

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      Couldn't agree more :)

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    Thought of you immediately

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      👋 Yarty. I'm interested in seeing who else trains.

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        Same here. It's such a small world, and I'm assuming we have lots of people who train on here 🙂

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    I'm Scottish so I practice the ancient art of Fuk-Yoo

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      Awesome to hear! Muay Thai is incredible and a great workout. Makes me miss it so much. How long have you trained for?

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