Productivity June 1, 2020

What methods do you use to avoid bias in prioritisation of tasks / features ...


Hi in many cases with deciding in a meeting about priorities its the loudest person which gets her/his tasks on the top of the prio list. In addition it's not so easy to be correct and not biased with deciding which feature is the 5th important for e.g. a to be bought software with 20 features which are somehow important for you. There are methods like but I'm looking for alternatives and your experiences with something like this. The pairwise comparison seem to be very time consuming if you compare everything with everything.

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    Have you considered DIE framework? Demand, Impact, Effort. I don't have experience with larger team, but maybe some average numbers can be pulled out

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    Think less democratically/systematically.

    That may sound counter-intuitive, but if you're leading the project/team, you will need to think critically about where the product needs to go.

    Some questions that may help as you plan:

    • Where do I see this going in 5 years? What on the list right now will have the most impact on that goal?
    • What sort of resources do I have? Can I do this myself faster than having someone else do it? If not, who do I think could best handle it on my team and do they have the necessary skills or would I need to provide training?
    • What here can we remove from the list entirely? Is all of this stuff really necessary, or are they just bets we're making?
    • What are customers saying? Is there something they complain about often directly or indirectly that's on our list?
    • Am I okay with being wrong some of the time? If not, what do I need to do to strengthen myself mentally to allow this?

    Ultimately this is a process you develop as a leader, a mental model for how to problem solve. This is why the greats in the world are few and far between—their mental models are unique to them and they solve problems differently than others. You can do the same.

    A few resources:

    Any questions, feel free to post them or get in touch directly.