What new technology are you currently learning?

There have been so many new technologies that keep coming out faster and faster. Whether we're talking about new Javascript frameworks like Hybrid, Remix, Hydrogen, Next.js etc. or all the web 3.0 stuff, metaverse stuff, AI, etc.

I'm currently learning how to use Next.js and really boost my front-end dev skills with Three.js and GSAP. I've also been using Vite a lot recently and I love it.

I want to hear what you guys have been learning!

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    Spent some time this year on brushing up my Next.js skills as well, looked into Tailwind CSS for a bit but I have no major project going on with it so I didn't get too far.

    Built a small vue SPA recently just to get a feel for it, planning to do the same with Svelte at some point.

    For my thesis I have a small data science workflow planned so I learned some node.js to enable web scraping with puppeteer. That is more or less done for now, so next up I want to look into some basic NLP tasks with python like classification etc.

    Currently not staying in touch that much with the super hot new frameworks, mostly investing my time on necessity-driven development instead of learning things just in case.

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    Not new but diving into bubble.io like never before !

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    Hi, Bram

    Currently, I am not learning anything new as my semester exams are coming. But the last thing, I learned was expressjs and MongoDB for my first full-stack project, https://www.onlibrary.site

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    Need to take some time to truly understand Kubernetes without someone handholding me :)

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    I started with PHP back in 97-98 with V3, so to see where it's grown to is always a little amazing for me. I've been working with Laravel since V3 of that as well and love all the things it brings to the table. Lately I'm building with the TALL stack -- Tailwind, Alpine JS, Laravel, & Livewire. What it allows you do quickly and easily is just really incredible.

    I started using my own very minimal incarnation of a utility-first CSS several years ago as I got sick of trying to come up with new names for widely-used, but slightly different classes. So when I saw what Adam had put together, I knew I was going to like it.

    With Livewire for Laravel, the frontend to backend connectivity is just done for you seamlessly. Since every component talks back to the server, you can build complex interfaces where everything is saved automagically instantly.

    I'm currently building an app with it mostly for my wife & daughters. They're all collectors of multitudes of things (and probably a bit spoiled 😁). The problem they face is keeping up with everything they have. I'm trying to solve that. Hopefully it's of interest to others as well, but if not, so be it.

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