What’s the most search-friendly CMS? We compared top 10 platforms and here's what we've found out

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    I switched to Headless CMS (Contentful) and will never go back to a traditional CMS—like every single CMS mentioned in that article.

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      Sounds great, I'll definitely take a look at it! In this article, we have analyzed the top 10 CMS platforms by user count :)

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      Makes sense but only if you want to build your FE as an app? 🤔

      We're using sanity

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        Not necessarily. Headless CMS works great with static site generators like Gatsby. Decoupling the frontend from the CMS doesn't mean that the frontend has to be built using an app framework.

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          Right my bad.

          Basically same I'm doing with next rn I guess, mostly using SSG

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    I vote for Joomla! They've made a big step forward in terms of SEO.

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      Joomla! is really great. What I find frustrating about Wordpress is that after many years, the same dumb problems are never resolved. I imagine if you are paying a host for wordpress 'service' that they've scripted around these problems.

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      Oh my lord, I have never thought that Joomla can be the best CMS fo SEO )

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        According to many resources, Joomla is still the 2nd most popular CMS, also in the market share area (w3techs.com). I hope we'll see lots of pagespeed/security improvements in this CMS, when Joomla 4.0 is released :)

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    Brilliant post, been thinking about this a lot lately. Thanks for sharing.

    Wordpress does have a headless option that allows for a fairly customised design. Although i have not worked in it.

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      Many thanks for reading and commenting!

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    WordPress is at the top as expected. Thanks for the great research.

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      Thanks for sharing! I haven't heard about this platform, but it looks quite promising! Have you been launching any websites on strapi.io?

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        The first website that I created in Strapi was in December. Since then I have used Strapi in three projects.

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    Nice article, but looks like an update of an old article no ?
    I mean there is opencart (which was almost abandonned), and not oscommerce, or prestashop. Webflow is not listed too.

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      Brand new article! The reason why we've included these particular platforms in the post is that they are listed as top 10 worldwide (regarding the user count). But you've made a good point - some of these solutions are getting outdated and get replaced by (less known) but more progressive CMSs.

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        ok, got it. You take the user count, and i'm comparing with the top1m %
        Great article

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    I published on WordPress with Yoast SEO and I think it's very good. Can't say for the rest, but WP is great for noobs who don't know a thing.

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      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Faina! Yes, the choice of a CMS depends on many factors and how user-friendly a platform is can make a huge difference.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this post!
    The comparison table is so extensive and useful - I'll definitely share it with my team since we're looking for a CMS for our new website at the moment:)

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      Thanks for the great feedback, Arthur! Hope your team will find this guide handy :)

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