Self Development October 18, 2020

What’s your biggest weakness?

Yehuda Brickman @yehuda

Mine is that I want to do a million things and am having trouble focusing in on one thing to do right now.

Still not sure exactly what I want that to be and am having trouble figuring it out

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    Mine is getting seduced by some interesting technical problem and spending way too much time on it, instead of focusing on the main thing that matters for me, which is bringing in new customers.

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    I always say “ok it’s time to blog” and I never do it 😤

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      That is totally me right now! :x

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    Mine is the same, but different 😁

    At the beginning I think get focused too quickly. I have an idea, I'll do research, and then quickly jump in and start building.

    I'll launch it, but quickly get "shiny object syndrome" and move on to something else.

    It's hard for me to strike a balance between (a) persevering and not giving up easily and (b) putting a bunch of time into something that's not going to work.

    I suppose there's no easy way to figure that out, but you'll build up that muscle over time.

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    I've difficulties to finish things because I'm afraid that nobody will care. It's mainly subconscious, but it's strong.

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    Procrastination will be the death of me.

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      man I feel your pain. Feel the same all the same and it's a huge problem

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    Pacing and follow-through. I tend to overexert myself in the exciting beginning parts of a project, which leads to lacking the energy I need when I get to the more difficult ending stages.

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    That's an easy one: Marketing and promotion.

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    Nice try, lurking VCs!

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    Working on stuff and never releasing it because I never think it's good enough.

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    • thinking something is worthless because there is annoying buzz and fad around it. Actually, there can be annoying buzz and real value behind. Back in the 1990s, most of the buzz around the internet was indeed annoying, but the internet was real
    • wanting to be the nice guy, and so probably not being pushy enough when doing sales.
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    • I keep redesigning stuff, because I am not happy how it looks.
    • I keep giving stuff for free, without even selling.
    • I......don't know
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    Oh! That the challenge that I actually aimed to solve through my productized service (Brain Optimization for startup founders- one of the main area is increasing concentration & focus). For me, I get too obsessed with the customer experience and taking a bit too hands on control to make sure the customer has great wins. Because my product is a productized service delivered as 5-week bootcamp, I learned to allow the customer to also shape their own experience through this highly personal experience. It’s amazing how entrepreneurship makes you learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before.

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    Focus is a hard thing. I think it's very rare few who have it close to right.
    I probably overthink in the think/execute ration in the work smarter not harder... trying to reduce busy work and redoing things upfront..
    life is a learning and re-balancing game :shrug:

    "the hardest thing is to start"

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