What services do you use to test and QA your copy?

Hi everyone,
I'm curious to hear what tips and tricks you have to test your copy.

  • Do you do it all manually or have you found an online services?
  • Do you test individual sentences, and phrases, or entire pages at once?
  • Do you use multiple choice options for testers to define meaning or do you do it unmoderated?

I'm sure there's bunch of things I'm forgetting. Feel free to add as comments.

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    I've always just reviewed manually and use things like Grammarly, or even Google Docs to help spot errors.

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      Thanks! And how do you know if your customers understand what you're trying to say? And if your copy is effective?

      1. 1

        Mostly I pay attention to the (lack of) results I get, or any comments/complaints.

        I'm the kind of person that just likes to get things out there without worrying too much about everything being perfect. The beauty of the web is that everything can be changed (fairly) easily.

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