What Should A Content Audit Include? [A checklist]

Content audit isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Every business has different goals and content marketing strategies.
So, the auditing process will vary from one website to another.

However, there are some key elements that a content marketer cannot ignore.

Your content audit should highlight the following elements:

  • Finding content gap opportunities by knowing keywords ranked by the competitors, but not by your site
  • Categorizing content inventory by the number of traffic, leads, and business value.
  • Finding content assets that lack freshness and relevance
    Finding the list of keywords ranking on the first page
  • Identifying pages that are gaining and losing traffic
  • Categorizing pages with high authority in terms of backlinks and mentions
  • Checking whether the website has enough content for each of the buyer’s stages
  • Knowing which pages to remove or merge for SEO performance and user-experience
  • Finding pages that drive the most site engagement in terms of average time spent on the website, page views, etc.
  • Top traffic channels for the website
  • Content pages that need improvement on core web vitals
  • Measuring the performance of topic clusters and pillar pages (if any) by looking at the number of ranking keywords, traffic growth, and organic link acquisition.

You may also consider the below illustration to understand the basics of content marketing audit:

content audit framework

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