What should I build with GPT3

Finally after a long time I get access to GPT3 API need some help guys suggest anything which I should build with it "crazy ideas are also welcome"😋😋

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    If there's anything I've learned is to never start with a solution or technology looking for a problem. It could work of course, but in general it's putting the cart before the horse.

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      You are very right, I need to figure it out

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    Don't. Besides the putting the solution before the problem argument, you basically are playing a game of offering a tech that becomes more and more commoditized over time. Better to think of it as an enabler rather than a standalone product. If you must use it then a better question to ask is how can I make my product better adding in GPT-3.

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      I am gona post about that soon that where I am in this journey of product

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        Haha this was actually the emoji I wanted to go for but I just searched brain and that one came up and I was too lazy to change it.

        Big brain energy 🧠

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      Wooo that will take my entire life

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    I wrote about some OpenAI/GPT-3 related Micro SaaS Ideas at https://microsaasidea.substack.com/p/micro-saas-products-around-openai-gpt3

    A detailed analysis around OpenAI/GPT-3 along with another 400 profitable Micro SaaS Ideas is available at Micro SaaS Ideas. This is one of the fastest growing newsletter community around Micro SaaS.

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      Hey thanks definitely I check that out and yeh I know micro saas its superb

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    What you guys think about spiritual bot that helps you get motivate,act as mentor and guides you. Is this thing people will use ans pay me

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      That's tricky. I used several such bots recently. When chatting with one, it told me that it was tired and ask if we can talk later. Never used it again.

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        What a bot said this to you LOL

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          Yes. Non-ideal user experience. I guess a reinforcement learning is needed on top to suppress these types of interactions.

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    Something that can take inspo from Twitter profiles and spit out tweets for your own account.

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      Api have some clear restriction around how one can generate content so I have to look that well thank for the idea from whom is copying writing thats really worth

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        I'm a freelance copywriter. So copying from people like Rand Fishkin, Joanna Wiebe, or Niel Patel would be cool.

        However, maybe you're a company that deals in marketing. Then copying other brand channels could be useful (eg Hubspot, Coschedule, User.com)

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    Good on you. I'm still waiting for my invite ¯\(ツ)/¯.

    I was wondering what's the pricing structure of their API?

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      Hey you can docs for pricing but it based on token and machine you are using to generate those tokens

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    I would like to build a product around that: Speech to text -> GPT-3 -> Text to speech

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    I have literally 10+ ideas along with proper marketing strategies too. Just waiting for API Access :/

    Is there a way one can share API Access? :P

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      hey glad you ask but you can read their docs https://beta.openai.com/docs/use-case-guidelines | before coming to any conclusion they can revoke your API in case of foul practices but If you are interested in collaboration we can do that I am FSD I am more than happy to work with you. mail me or DM me via Twitter if you are interested

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    You can run it on the letters and diaries of some famous person to create a chatbot that can imitate them.

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      Yeh like chat with your favourite celeb cool let me see this

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    Build a tool thats build summary of news and post to the social media

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      Summary are all around but thanks for a idea though story part looks good

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