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What Software Do You Use For Outbound Lead Gen?

Yaro Starak @Yaro

Hi Hackers,

I'm about to initiate an outbound campaign for my company for the first time.

I've been researching tools that provide the database of contacts (most seem to scrape LinkedIn, use bots on the web), and also the tools to make the messaging process easier/provide analytics etc.

I need access to a database I can refine into different contact groups (real estate agents, venture capitalists, etc) to send emails, social media messages, whatsapp txt/sms messages (with permission of course), to approach and then engage with those who show interest.

Is there anyone here in Indie Hackers with experience running this sort of campaign, in particular what tools do you use for sourcing your contacts database and managing messaging?

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    You can't go wrong with

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      What has your experience been with Apollo? I've checked out Mailshake,, etc. but have been put off by their contact limits.

      I was planning on just hacking something together with Gmail's API, but this looks promising.

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        It works prety well, you can leverage their contact database and also import your leads. I've used it with Gmail accounts and also Sendgrid, and if you need a bigger volume of outbound mails is a great asset.

        I've used other tools in the past like and drip, and Apollo is clearly more advanced (it does have some bugs and support is kind of limited).

        But, regardless of the tool you use, the most important thing is that you reply to the leads in a timely manner... And keep track of everything.

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    I've been hiring people on Fiverr to help gather contacts from specific sites like Instagram, LinkedIn and Eventbrite

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    Shameless Plug Monday:

    here's what you get:

    • email addresses from your ideal customer profile
    • "fill in the blanks" messaging so you know how to structure your story
    • 2h copywriting session (someone from this community said it was "Genius" but hey, their words not mine :D)
    • VP Sales As a Service to close your deals like a pro and build your own sales process

    let me know if you want to chat! I got a special deal for IH members

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    I use Woodpecker for outbound emails. I use Upwork to hire offshore contractors for list building (involves a ton of web scraping in my case). Using Jira to manage pipeline. Not doing any SMM.

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      Thanks for this recommendation!

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