What Starter Kits are you using?

Hello all,

I'm working on a list of Starter Kits to share/talk about on One Hour SaaS.

I have a list of about 10 already, stuff like Spark and DivJoy, but I'm sure there are many that I don't know off.

What starter kits are you using, or have explored?

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    If you haven't already please include my product SaaS Pegasus! I know that Laravel, Rails, and Node are more popular frameworks for Indie Hackers, but we Python/Django lovers need our little space here too! :)

    P.S. I have compiled a list of 20+ of these while doing research for Pegasus if you want to hit me up offline. Basically there are a bunch for Rails and the JS ecosystem, and a one or two for most other frameworks. There was a recent IH thread on this here where several were linked.

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      Hey Cory.

      Yep, had Pegasus on my list already, but thanks for sharing and the link to the IH thread!

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      It is a fantastic project. I had a look at it the other day and I like that you have video documentation for each feature.
      I would suggest adding more tutorial. For example, how to add a new app or model and link it with the user registration system.

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        Thanks! And good idea re: adding a video for the process of adding new apps, etc. Will add to the backlog!

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    I recently bought Jumpstart Pro by @excid3.

    Haven't started using it yet, but as someone who wants to get into Rails I'm pretty excited about it.

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      💪 I'm excited to hear what you think once you start using it!

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      Awesome, thank you adding it to the list!

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    Not a full starter kit, but I've been using Creative Tim's Argon Dashboard with Rails.

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    I know some time ago someone shared that they built a few front end starter kits: https://mui.dev and https://tailwind.build - looks like they have a few others on the sites as well. Haven’t used it myself but thought I’d share.

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    Hey Mubs, I built an open-source starter kit for Chrome/Firefox extensions: https://github.com/dkthehuman/extension-starter-kit

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    https://tailwindui.com/ and https://undraw.co/ have both saved me so much time, effort, and money.

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      Thanks for the reply.

      TailwindUI will definitely be on the list.

      Hadn't thought about Undraw as a starter kit, but can see how it might! Will think more on that one.

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    I've been working on ChromeExtensionKit which is a series of Chrome extension starter templates (for various use cases) that I built for myself over time that I turned into a product.

    The idea is that it helps you get started instantly on your own extension products since you don't have to worry about the regular time-consuming config / setup.

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    There is a Golang Vue.js SaaS template available at https://picc.io

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    I've done enough apps on my own that I use my own template.

    Rails-API based backend.

    Frontends are Flutter (mobile) and Svelte (web).

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      Definitely doable, but for people short of time like I was for my one hour saas challenge, getting to market quicker with a starter kit could be a really good idea.

      If you've been building stuff long enough, you end up having your own sudo starter kit, but it's interesting to see what the published options are.

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