What startup would you invest in right now?

If you could invest in a startup what startup would you pick?

I would invest in Stripe, I think they will the next great company, and Paul Graham said they're the next Google.

Who would you pick?

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    Clubhouse and Stripe easily. Maybe also repl.it.

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    https://repl.it. They let you deploy web services with zero friction. You could think of it like AWS but extremely easy to use. It's extremely limited now; only good for tiny things[1], but they're moving fast.

    [1] e.g. since Substack's embedded signup form isn't customizable, I made a Repl.it service that receives newsletter signups from my website and then proxies them to Substack (the proxy is necessary to get around browser security restrictions).

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    I think to spice it up go early stage.

    I really like



    https://papercups.io/ but i'm not sure they're moving fast enough

    All of them companies can have huge plugin ecosystems, and something Indie Hackers should look on top of building. Riskier than building on say shopify but risk adjusted I would say it is worth it.

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    Already invested in Stripe myself :)

    I bought a decent amount of Twitter stock recently. I'm pretty bullish on the direction they're headed in. They're putting out new features and products at a blistering pace, and they're moving in the exact direction I would move in if I were then (creator economy and monetization +community features like groups and a Clubhouse clone).

    I think they have all the right forces to make their strategy work well, and if it does work, it's hard to imagine Twitter isn't significantly more valuable in 3 years.

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      I was looking at buying some twitter at $14 in 2017. But I tried to time the markets (i thought a crash was overdue).

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    I'm with you on Stripe, would be my #1 pick.

    I'd also like an opportunity to invest in whichever Psilocybin startups become frontrunners as legislation around that space continues to relax.

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