What tech do you recommend to make easy Landing Pages?


I want to test several business ideas, Lean style. This is, creating a landing for the service, and see if people registers.

Is there any recommended platform that allows me to save time on doing this? I know wordpress... but probably nowadays there are 100s of tools better than that for this particular purpose.


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    I build my landing pages with carrd. It's cheap, the design are great and you got every feature you need

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      √ seems the most recomended, thanks!

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      thanks! noted (people here seem to love this one)

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    Carrd and Softr are my favourites.

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    You can check out our platform Softr. It has numerous ready-made templates for landing pages and you can get started really quick.

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      will check it out, thanks!

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    If they're SaaS ideas I built https://versoly.com/

    I recommend going from 1 idea to the next instead of multiple at once.

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      thanks for the recommendation!

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    Definitely go for Carrd. Huge flexibility and affordable.

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      √ seems the most recomended, thanks!

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      mmm I'm looking for something quicker than that, but thanks

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