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What Tech Stack Are You Using?


Our team is reaching out to the community to get some insights on what are the most preferred tech stacks out there. We'd really appreciate it if you'd share feedback on the link above or even in the comments (It won't take longer than 1min).

TLDR: This will be only to help our product team prioritise our 'on-click' deployment feature in our ambition to make our fellow developers life's that much easier :)

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    Some super insightful related info from our community here https://www.indiehackers.com/post/whats-your-tech-stack-c3d2d638c6

    For those interested we use:

    • Frontend: ReactJS
    • Backend: NodeJS, python (for certain uses cases)
    • Hosting: Digital Ocean
    • DB: PostgresDB, Cassandra, Kafka, Redis
    • Security Gateway: Leza
    • Org/Backlogs/etc..: JIRA, Confluence, slack, Zephyr, JIRA Service & Asset Management
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