What Tech/Startup/SaaS Podcast Do You Recommend Besides IH?

Hi guys, I'm looking for a completely immersive experience in terms of tech and how to build a successful business.

I do not have anybody around me even remotely interested in these things and I'm woefully aware of my unbelievable knowledge chasm.

I'd really love to start bridging this gap by surrounding myself with the right people & material even if just virtually.

All recommendation is highly appreciated.


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    I really enjoy Start Ups for the Rest of us

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      This podcast is a huge part of my success in SaaS.

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      Will check them out. Thanks!

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    Thanks for asking this question. Some good answers already. I would like to add the names of 2 podcast that I've watched so far:

    (1) Masters of Scale: https://mastersofscale.com/

    (2) Business Wars: https://wondery.com/shows/business-wars/

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      Thank you so much. Never heard of these, will check them out.

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    @mijustin put together https://transistor.fm/podcasts-for-bootstrappers/ which has a ton of great podcasts I listen to.

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        I listen to them all.

        Startups for the Rest of Us is the classic.

        I wish they had a list of top 50 episodes.

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          Definitely seems to be a favorite. Will check them out today? Any recommendations for a good first listen for a SFTROU newbie?

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      This is an awesome list! Thanks for sharing

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    Nathan Latka is a savage. I really enjoy how he cuts through BS and always gets straight to the interesting stuff. Legend.

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      The podcast is called 'Nathan Latka'?

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    Podcasts that have made the biggest difference for me:

    Village Global’s Venture Stories - useful for understanding global tech trends and how your start up can capitalise.

    The NFX Podcast - great for understanding the importance of network effects in building a start up.

    In Depth (by First Round) - for getting super actionable and in depth advice on building a start up.

    Starting Greatness (with Mike Maples Jr) - interviews with legendary tech founders and the approach they took to company building.

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      These sound amazing! Thanks!

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    Will check it out. Thanks!
    Any favorites?

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