What technology are you betting on?

If you had to choose a technology to become an expert in, which would you choose and why? I'm curious which technologies you think would open up the most doors in the next few years for enabling new products, landing an awesome job, consulting, etc.

What technology are you betting on?
  1. ML/AI
  2. Crypto
  3. IoT
  4. AR/VR
  5. Other
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    To answer this question so quickly, you need to know the news about all technological innovations. Of course, I check the Technology Topic every day, but even this is not enough. You can check Elon Musk's Twitter account every day, but there will still be that person who will surprise you with a story about some new technology that you have never heard of. Do you know what I mean? I'm not going to make stupid bets on the technology of the future. Of course, I'd like to be an expert in all areas at once, because it's very inspiring. Such a question requires time for reflection. Give me two years, and I'll answer, LOL

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    I think all will be growing, you won't make a mistake in any.

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    Crypto and decentralization in general make me excited.

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    Crypto is not technology its usage of technogloy. Blockchain would be the right name.

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      Spot on! The technology behind crypto is blockchain.

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      Thanks for the clarification. I obviously haven’t done much research on it 😅

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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