March 14, 2019

What tool do you use when you need to see what everybody is doing?

Bob Wakefield @falcon00

I have people asking me to deliver things by ridiculous due dates because they don't realize that I have other stuff on my plate.

Is there a tool that you use to see what everybodys' current utilization is? I was looking at Asana but I was wasn't sure if that would get me where I wanted to go.

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    I think the tool you want to use the most is a conversation.

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      This. Don't let other people bully you and dictate your time. If people want things done more quickly, they can pay a rush delivery fee.

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    For some team members, we post in slack at the end of each day.... similar to a standup.

    • What got done today
    • What is planned for tomorrow
    • What's blocking you

    Helps other people see your workload... not 100% sure it will help your situation.

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    I think the tool you want to use the most is a conversation. Ask the people giving you deadlines about why they think you have nothing going on.

    Sounds like people don't appreciate all the work that you are doing.

    Sometimes project management tools just encourage people to micromanage task priority instead of giving you the space to get your work done.

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    We use Asana and it's easy for everyone to see what others are working on since you can have "reports". Reports are views that you can save e.g. Tasks not compledted assigned to Bob

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    Trello? Even with free tier you can share your planning publicly or you can share boards with colleagues / customers /..