What tool (or tools) does your team use to keep track of tasks?

We use Asana for the marketing team and Trello for IT. Would be interesting to hear your choices!

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    Notion! Absolutely love the flexibility of it. I have been using it for the past three years to structure pretty much my whole personal and business life. In fact, I fell so in love with it that I actually built a company around it 🤯

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      Thanks for sharing! But I find it pretty hard to scale within Notion, as soon as our team went over 10 people we had to move from Notion (but I still love it)... Tell me about the company you built around it, sounds very interesting!

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        Oh very interesting that it failed at scaling. Curious what the main reason was? Have never used it with other people but it looks like they built a lot of collaboration features into it?

        Sure... it's called HelpKit and essentially turns Notion docs into a professional help center.

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          I will check HelpKit out!
          The interface was a bit too complex. Although notion looks very simple, but without diving into it and learning how to use all the tools correctly it's not the best solution. The team had problems tracking and updating tasks, so we decided to switch.

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            Thank you for the insight. I agree, the power of Notion comes once you really dig into it. Databases etc. are extremely powerful and flexible but one has to really learn them and ofc transfer the knowledge to the whole team.

            I have just recently learned that there are Notion Consultants whos job is to help companies use Notion which is amazing to me :) On the other hand, it does justify your argument.

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    We use Trello integrated with Slack and custom internal tools built with nocode to boost our productivity.

    Different boards and lists for a common view of what's lined up, reminders and updates on Slack. We also use the butler automation and some custom buttons in Trello cards to add due dates and stuff.

    For internal tools we have built custom apps and workflows on dronahq.com (nocode) for HR, sales, marketing, and finance operations (like employee onboarding, surveys, CRM, reimbursements and so on)

    Other tools in our stack include Gsuite, JIRA

    Personally I also use this simple checklist tool TickTick for everyday tasks.

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      Wow! Thanks for sharing! Your system seems pretty complex, but I guess it boosts your teams communication and productivity to another level.

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        Yes, it does. Especially now since we have gone fully remote. Would love to keep exploring and learn how others are optimizing task management

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          My team is currently also on complete remote. For the communication we have been using Telegram, and although it doesn't have even half of Slacks functions/integrations we are absolutely in love with it!

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            Right - It depends completely on the team. I know of teams that are very comfortable using Telegram and even WhatsApp for internal communications.

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    We use Trello. I created different Boards for each team.

    There is a board for managers, another board for developers, and a separate one for me as a CEO.

    I use the "Card Repeater" powerup actively. It takes away some repeating work.

    A common Trello task has a link to a Notion page where more details are placed.

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      Very interesting! I personally (as a founder) track my personal tasks in Asana, and I find it super easy, but half of the team had problems adopting Asana and we had to switch to Trello.

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        Yeah. The main benefit of Trello is that everyone is familiar with it 🙂

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          Yeah, our goal was to get everyone to use the task management tool on a daily basis

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    We use github issue

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      Why did you choose them over all other apps?

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        Github is at the center of our organization, we use it for everything (Ci/CD, meetings, documentation, etc.). Before Github, we used Jira, but Jira's user interface was bad and its price was high. Github was the perfect alternative (cheaper, better user interface, simple for non-developers). The second reason we chose Github is that we wanted everything to be on the same platform, using 20 saas for management is a big waste of time.

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          I can definitely agree on the last part... Having data in different platforms is a big pain😂. Thanks for sharing!

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      Sounds interesting! I will check them out.

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    Github issues in a pet company, Youtrack in the main company. Youtrack is amazing because it scales well with your company size and structure. It doesn't have feature bloat, but its query language can be used to make advanced dashboards and such.

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      Looks like a lot of people use Github issues, it does seem very nice. Never heard about youtrack, I will definitely take a look!

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    For projects, business organization and even family affairs, Zenkit plus Hypernotes is great combo IMO.

    For more tactical stuff, especially things that do not outlive one day, Pukka Pad (aka notepad) and uni-ball EYE (aka pen) works great 😊

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    Notion has everything you didn't know you needed. Transformed the way I work both alone and with my team.

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    I personally like Google Tasks and TickTick.

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    Basecamp works well for our small team.

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