May 16, 2019

What was your experience like when you tried to learn something on your own?

Mukhtar Raage @mooraage

Hi all!

I'm very very new to IH (forgive me for any newbie behaviour I might display here!). I've recently started to get into web development (mostly with Vuejs and the likes). I love the power that it gives you. I now look at developing as a blank canvas.

However, the road to learning programming wasn't easy. Not because the coding was too difficult or anything but trusting that what I'm learning is useful and current. I was missing that second pair of professional eyes. So, I ended up getting lost in forums and wasting a lot of time scrolling the web. I then decided to reach out to a web developer I met whilst networking who gave me the guidance and assurance I needed.

My question to the community is, what difficulties have you previously experienced when you were embarking on a new journey? and how did you overcome it?

Thanks in advance!

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    I'm currently trying to teach myself programming (both back-end and front-end) for my project.

    Maybe this isn't what you're looking for because I have definitely not achieved my goals yet, but I found the hardest part of this process was figuring out where to start. The world of programming is so big and my project so complicated that it was difficult to know what to learn first in order to start working on it.

    To fix that, I just picked a direction and started going. For me, it made the most sense to work on the database for the project first, so I studied database languages, picked one, and started going.

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      This is definitely what I was looking for. When you said you "just picked a direction" how did you come to that conclusion? Was it more of a "wing it" type situation?

      I think this issue is relevant in many professions even those outside technology. When it comes to learning something new yourself it's always difficult to find the right path to embark on , so to speak.

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        So before starting this project, all I knew about programming was that there were a front-end and a back end. So I literally just picked an end and starting researching what I would need to do to make this viable. I picked the back end first, figured out that I needed a database, and decided on SQL as my language of choice.

        I agree. When you're faced with a topic that is so vast you have no idea where to start, it can definitely cause a bit of mental freezing.

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          That's a really good way of putting it a mental freeze is exactly what it is!