What would you call this idea?

T-Mobile has their own app (https://www.t-mobile.com/offers/t-mobile-tuesdays) for consumers to download and share exclusive deals, communications with.

I was hoping to create a platform that enables any brand to create that, but I'm not sure what that is called?

Something to do with Brand Consumer Relationships? Also, would that be something that can even be targeted via SEO for validation?

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    This is interesting. Moreover, when you have enough scale you could negotiate deals with your own platform and share these with your top customers. Making this a marketplace for deals.

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    This is a great idea. I use the T-mobile Tuesday app. Sometimes they have cool deals that I actually want to redeem. Because of that I'm more open to trying future apps that are similar. Good deals have me coming back.

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    Who is the target audience? Who are the competitors?

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      Target audience would be, generally speaking, brands and their communities. The platform would enable them to engage and retain their community more privately and intimately.

      As far as competitors, that's what I'm trying to solve but can't find the specific terms to Google. I would say right now, the competitor would be the brand itself trying to keep these kind of features in-house or content with Facebook, Twitter, etc

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    I really like this idea. Basically Viral Loops - but with actual value.

    Essentially a Loyalty rewards program like Chick-fil-A

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      Customer Engagement As A Service - CEAaS. That's now a thing.

      I've noticed brands go out of their way to interact with their consumers and those same consumers are typically ecstatic to be singled out. Either for good reasons (acknowledging a joke) or bad (providing support).

      In the end, those users still "belong" to the social media platform (esp on FB/IG). I'm hoping to provide value to the brand by giving them more control over their data, providing more refined features and also bring value to the consumer by giving them the ability to interact with their brand more intimately.

      For example, perhaps Razer or Harley Davidson would have communities open to being part of a brand that they respect and enjoy being a part of. That would be the sweet spot. :)

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    Rokt, https://rokt.com/, pretty much does this for any eccomerce transaction

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