What would you or wouldn't you build with Bubble?

I've been playing around and exploring bubble, (also a bit of appgiver), and got a few ideas mapped.

Now, my question is. For anyone that has done this before, would you use Bubble to host your SaaS? Why yes, or why no?

Are there any "successful" cases here of people that are using it for their app? I'd love to hear about what you do.

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    I have built my saas on the bubble and if it is good. I feel till the type it is MVP then everything good. But I have listened to some of the friends it becomes a problem once you got the user. The issue with image loading, with page loading.

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      Interesting. could this be the case that maybe they use like a shared server for their cheap plans? Do you know of any similar alternative that don't run into this issue?

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        Yes, it is because of the shared server. There are many other alternatives out there but that depends upon your use case, some are suitable for a particular use case and some are for the different use case. I have not tried other.

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    I've not used bubble, but I've talked with 2 app owners who have production apps running on Bubble with paying clients (B2B SaaS). One said that they had to get a private Bubble server basically for performance reasons once they started to get a fair number of users and that it was a bit pricy, but same can be said of dedicated managed servers (like Heroku etc).

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      Interesting. Yea, well, I guess as long as something is paying for itself and leaves profit then is just a part of doing business. So, I guess then that limits that amount of "free" things that one could do then. Like I thought about making something but it being donation based, but I guess for the donation based model to be succesful one would need a big enough and loyal enough audience that would donate to keep things running.

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        I think it is just something to keep in mind.. But really if your "free" idea gets traction and you are getting lots of users, use, etc you could look at adding Ads to help pay for it, etc. Or adding paid Pro features etc

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