May 23, 2019

What's a good hosting option for a media server?


We've probably all seen the horror stories about AWS by this point:

Azure and Google are slightly cheaper, but suffer from the same kinds of issues. My current host, Digital Ocean is cheaper still and I love its UX, but it still charges $0.01/GB (i.e. $10/TB) for outgoing bandwidth past its initial monthly quota.

BTW, @csallen, what's up with this super cramped, narrow post form?

Can anyone share hosting providers more suitable for serving audio, video and other sizeable downloads?

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    If price is the main factor then maybe Backblaze. Still evaluating it myself.

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      It's better than AWS but still the same transfer prices as what my current host, Digital Ocean, charges for overage ($0.01/GB or $10/TB).

      The crucial factor is outbound bandwidth fees. At the same time, I'm not even remotely close to my CPU or memory capacity.

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    Wow this is epic timing. Reddit is down! Guess you'll have to trust me those links were all from people shocked at their hosting bill 😇 Edit: it's back up.