What's the best cold email you've come across?

We have to resort to cold emailing very often to try and reach the right people. Have you or someone you know come across any stand-out cold emails? Something that just caught the eye? Would love to know!

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    The one that never finds me. Could we stop calling Spam "Cold email" already....

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    If you need to be formulaic, the simplest formula is just to introduce yourself and say, "We solve X problem for Y type of customers. I'd like to find out how you're handling (X problem) at (company name)." and then ask for the meeting.

    The better but more time intensive approach is as Jonah suggests.

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      Absolutely, thanks! Jonah's inputs are very helpful :)

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    Hey @mehak - I wrote a post about cold email a couple weeks back. You may find it useful!

    TL;DR: For me (B2B), I've been most successful with making personal connections - there is no silver bullet template approach that you can blast out to an email list and expect high response/opt-in rates.


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      This is amazing, thanks for sharing!

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