Landing Page Feedback March 9, 2020

What's the best feedback you have received for your landing page?

Pritesh Kadiwala @priteshkadiwala

Hey guys! A lot of our users mentioned that we would need a landing page to explain what the product did so when they invited other users it would be easy for them to grasp the concept.

However, while researching around, there was just too much noise. So what is your most critical insight how a landing page should be designed? Would love some pointers if possible:

Thanks :)

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    I would write your landing page by asking your users the following questions:

    (consider wordsmithing the questions below if you decide on this path)

    1. Why did you sign up for Willeder rather than using Facebook or Instagram (which have larger audiences) that could potentially be used for the same purpose? [The answer to this question will likely give you enough insight to create your main headline]
    2. What pain points or problems in your personal life does Willeder help you overcome? [The answer to this question will help you make Willeder relevant to someone's everyday life]
    3. How has your life changed as a result of using Willeder? [The answer to this question will help you frame benefits that speak directly to what users want but don't currently have in their lives]
    4. How do you decide whether you should keep using Willeder? [For example, If they say their decision is based on the number of subscribers, then you know your landing page has to explain what Willeder is doing to drive subscriptions]

    You could also use for some quick non-user feedback which will make @stefanvonimhof (maker of Explain My Product) who's also on Indie Hackers pretty happy.

    I hope that's helpful!

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      @priteshkadiwala Cool concept, I like this. Great feedback @pmmjehan & thanks for the shoutout.

      The number one thing to remember for landing pages is: Never, ever overestimate the attention span of the average user :)

      In regards to your specific page, the line "What's Your Journey?" is good, but I think you can do even better. People need to know the benefits of what they get within the first 5 seconds. You've listed features, but not benefits.

      • What do users get from signing up?
      • Why should they care?
      • How will this make them become a better version of themselves?
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    The first page load should answer:
    What is it?
    Who is it for? (Is it me?)
    What pain does it solve?

    In something like 3 second stare.

    Get that right and you have someone's attention.
    Than it's about answering objections.
    And doing the ask for the next step.

    As a user I want to know what's in it for me, and why you?

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    Thank you all for some awesome feedback. Back to restructuring the platform 🛠

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