Newsletter Crew September 15, 2020

What's the Best Newsletter Automation Stack?

Akash Kadyan @akashkadyan

Hello Fam 👋

I'm planning to start a newsletter.
For that, I'm confused about the tech stack.

I've built the landing page on
I am looking for an email automation integration where I can send automated welcome email to anyone who subscribes to my newsletter.

Please help me out if you know 🙏

Any other newsletter hacks are appreciated 🤓

You can connect with me on Twitter :

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    I guess if you want automation something like Converkit or Email Octopus would work well.

    I love Substack, and the fact that it's all web based too is a great thing. It lacks automation though. It lacks a lot of things actually, which is what makes it good!

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    Hey @akashkadyan. It would be best if you had Mailchimp, Convertkit, Email Octopus type tool. You can send automated welcome emails from all of them.

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    Have you looked at Substack?

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