What's the best platform for an Email course?

Hello fellow Indie Hackers

We are Human-Matter. Our mission is to help people live and lead better. At Human Matter Labs we explore problems related to modern lives and apply behavioural science to solve them. Areas we explore self-leadership, emotional well-being, habit formation, resilience, and remote working.

We are looking to leverage the community knowledge of building a newsletter course.

Back story:

Our current project is Restory (a 3-week behavioural science based goal guider that nudges users with daily reminders to evaluate their mental state and progress towards their goals). We ran one in October 2020 and again in January 2021. Received feedback. My co-founder @katerinabc and I are now re-designing Restory based on the feedback we received from users. We want to focus on helping people get into the habit of reflective writing (which is the crux of the Restory programme). Then automate the behavioural analysis part to it (which is currently semi-automated and generated in the form of a personalised handbook to users)

We want to experiment with making Restory less 'product' like and more personal and gauge reactions. We plan to start an email course for 7 days + challenges + workshop on reflective writing. Learn their pain points and then build further. Wondering what's the best newsletter platform for what we trying to achieve.

What we tried:

We tried Mailchimp when we launched Restory in 2020. It din't really work for us. Sequencing was a nightmare. The overall platform wasn't fun to use. Pretty slow when making edits etc

We are thinking Convertkit, Mailerlite or Ghost. Mailerlite seems to have a visual interface for sequencing emails which is cool and possibility to build landing page. Convertkit is getting a lot of thumbs up on On Deck. Haven't tried it out yet. Ghost, just read about it. Seems like there's a steep learning curve. Not sure. We are not developers so we would like something that's no code and user friendly.

What we need:

The platform to be able to do is --

  1. Able to build a landing page
  2. Able to sequence emails (based on time zones if possible)
  3. Able to add video content
  4. Able to take payments
  5. Integration with Typeform/Tally/Google form

All thoughts, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks a million in advance :)

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    I think it's best to build a landing page elsewhere and embed the subscription form. Generally, email platform is not ideal for building landing page.

    1. 1

      Thanks for that @dory_ng. Is there a particular landing page builder you would recommend that could be well suited? I started working with Mailerlite and it seems to be working ok for something simple. I know of https://carrd.co.

      1. 1

        That's highly dependent on the level of sophistication and aesthetics that you want to achieve. If you just need to be up and running, carrd should be okay. Otherwise, any website builder that allows you to embed a form works just fine.

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