What's the best tool for planning content in social media?

What's the best tool for planning content in social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.?

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    I second DJ, I also use Buffer with a free plan and it does the job for me. Maybe if I have bigger campaigns I would feel restricted but now it's not the case.

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      Interesting. Thank you for sharing it, Cica-Laure!

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    I really like co-schedule, the calendar view is awesome and the fact that I can also schedule my email and other projects in the calendar is awesome. I have it open everyday, makes multi-channel publishing a breeze.

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      Thank you, Adlai! I'll try it too.

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    Buffer is a popular one and I use it myself. The free tier supports up to 3 channels and you can schedule up to 10 posts per channel. The paid tier is $5/month/channel and lets you schedule an unlimited number of posts along with other features. I'd be curious to know what other options Indiehackers recommend!

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      Thank you very much, DJ. Let’s see what the other indie hackers have to say)

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