What's the best Twitter automation tool for growing your audience?

I'm looking at Hypefury, Buffer, Chirr, etc.

Chirr looks good, by a fellow IHer @kossnocorp, but I'm wondering if Hypefury is a more business oriented tool, also by IHers @samy_ and @YannickVeys. Buffer has non-Twitter stuff I don't really need. I just found Zlappo by @simplisticallysimple, seems to be pretty good as well. Lots of IHers making Twitter apps I see.

Any other suggestions?

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    Thanks for sharing your research.

    My shortlist originally had Buffer.com and MeetEdgar in it. Now I can add Zlappo to the list 👍.

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      +1 for MeetEdgar. It is a little complicated but worth the learning curve.

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    Shameless plug for OneUp

    I am the co-founder 😊

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    For an API to automate your social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) check out Ayrshare. It is meant to integrate with your product/platform so you can programmatically post for yourself or your users via the API.

    I'm a co-founder, so please let me know if any questions. Also, I mention Ayrshare because if you have the right data to automate, you can certainly organically grow your Twitter followers. An AI company that generates financial news summaries had 9 followers when they started on Ayrshare. A few months later they are at over 1250 followers.

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      Just a quick question. What's the difference between using Ayrshare and the native APIs of those platforms?

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        Good question. You can absolutely use the platform APIs. That is what we use.

        So it is a questions of time and effort. Each network you need an approved app. For example, Facebook you need to submit videos and it can take weeks - and expect to get rejected a few times. Then you need to understand and build against each API - regular posts vs images vs multiple images vs video - then deletes, analytics, etc.. And don't forget to put in check and balances to follow the networks guidelines - else risk getting locked or suspended.

        Finally if you have multiple users or clients, you'll need to build a system to link all their social networks, manage these, and post on their behalf.

        What Ayrshare does is takes all that effort and in 5 minutes be connected to all the networks and posting to them few lines of code.

        Here is a video showing it done in about a minute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNquvJFDg88

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    Wow, I didn't know there are so many tools. Thanks for making a thread, I'll try some of them!

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    I have a few:

    The guys from Mailbrew have recently launched Typefully which is similar to Chirr, just with a less-is-more approach.

    Also for Twitter analytics there is ilo by @dr with some really nice features like (public) dashboards, email digests and more.

    Finally, there is my own free tool favo.so which resurfaces old Tweets you liked in the past via a short, weekly email.

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      Thanks for the mention @tgel0 🙌

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      I started using Typefully and it really shines for writing Twitter threads.

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    I am working hard on tweetbutler.com

    The idea is to give you daily tweet suggestions based of your previous tweets. Consistency is key to grow your Twitter follower base and Tweet Butler will help you tweet every day.

    Feel free to tell me what you think about it.

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    Check out Hyperjump.co.

    Most of the tools discussed here schedule posts, help make threads, or recycle old content. Another Analytics tool is https://arcademetrics.com/ by @HenryClay.

    If you are interested in a tool that grows your audience and allows you to set and forget it, you need to look into Hyperjump. It is completely different.

    Grow Your Following and Business Quickly and Easily

    Stop Grinding. Start Growing.

    Hyperjump is a Twitter-based, marketing platform that allows businesses to get their content in front of thousands of future customers and fans using customized tweets.

    You just need one piece of content to get started.

    Essentially, you write one post/contest and then make a lists of the Twitter accounts that have followers that would like your post or contest. Hyperjump grabs those followers, thoroughly filters them, and then tweets them from your personal or company account.

    For example, if you have a productivity app, you might want to make free PDF guide full of tips or a compelling video about your app, then target people following Getting Things Done and similar apps on Twitter.

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    I have built a similar tool but I am realizing now it is really close to https://typefully.app. I am a competitor to it. But it is kinda different. You can check it on https://threadmaker.co.

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      From what I see ThreadMaker enables numeration but Typefully dosen't?

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        Yes. Also different kind of numerations.

        Analytics and retention rate of threads are also on our roadmap✌🏻

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          I believe Typefully is by the people who made Mail Brew. They are treating it as a sort of growth hack to bring more attention to Mail Brew.

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    There is one called recurpost.com. Had used it once for one project for recurring posts.

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    Interesting - I haven't come across these types of tools before (only scheduling and community management tools like Hootsuite.) Do they create content for you, or just make the process easier?

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    Hey, 👋 Chirr App author here. I think all those tools are great, but (to not be biased) Hypefury is definitely the pioneer. I love that Samy is doing.

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