What's the best way to setup a new blog site in 2021?

Now I'm talking a real fully featured blog site with a simple landing page, sitemap xml, og tags, SEO optimized, author, tags, 80-100 light house etc.

Doesn't matter if it's pro-code or no-code.

Would love to know more about your blog stack!

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    I highly recommend Ghost. You can pay for it and don't worry about hosting, or self-host it for example on DigitalOcean (⚠️ affiliate link).

    I've been self-hosting it for some time and I'm really happy about this choice. I used to have a blog made in Jekyll and Hugo, but it was just too much work for me.

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      Hey! I'm going ahead with Ghost!

      Works great. Love the starter theme too. I already have a DO droplet, so I just did ghost install there :)

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    This is our blog: https://pirsch.io/blog

    It uses Hugo to generate a static website from markdown files. The blog is automatically updated every 15 minutes by pulling from GitHub (https://github.com/pirsch-analytics/blog) and rebuilds if necessary. This also includes the theme (Git submodule), so we can make design and layout changes without worrying about deployment.

    The server that does all this is hosted on Hetzner and is custom build in Go. It's not open-source, but it shouldn't be hard to build something similar.

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      Thanks! I've heard a lot about Hugo. Will check it out!

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    I set up my blog with WP engine. It has everything you need and tons of free plugins. The hosting is cheap or even free (if you do it on your own, say on AWS). I use the namecheap, pay $5 / month and very happy.

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      How's WP holding up in terms of speed??

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        To me, it's totally fine. I didn't see any hiccups or hangings yet. You can see it here: https://seacat.blog

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          Looks great! web.dev scores are good too.

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    We used a Jekyll theme https://blog.uclusion.com but sounds like your requirements are different. What are you trying to do?

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