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Siddhita ❤️

  1. 8

    I don't know what to do in my life.

    1. 3

      Hey, I was really struggling with this too, but David Goggins' book 'Can't Hurt Me' in a really fucked up way, massively put things into perspective. If you're a bit weird, it might help you too, but hope you get your stuff figured out mate!

    2. 3

      This book could be helpful on the topics of what job/career to do: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FOVTOMA/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

      If you meant your comment in a more philosophical - should I raise money, indiehack, get a job, become a monk the book may not be as helpful.

    3. 1

      What would you like to do?

      1. 2

        Here is the list what I love to do...

        Creating landing pages
        Giving marketing advice to people
        Love to consume knowledge
        Creating posts design on canva

        1. 1

          So do that then. Do what you love, so at least you get that one satisfaction.

          1. 1

            Hey. Thanks I will try to productize what I love to do...

            1. 1

              what about a YouTube / podcast around people who love to do what you mentioned??

  2. 7

    The same challenge of every week. Marketing 😩

    1. 3

      Yep. Where to get these damn users?))

    2. 1

      You probably have a lot of experience. Can you make a pro or con comment about your efforts on a specific channel regarding your current project.

    3. 1

      Same we just launched and this has been the biggest challenge so far.

  3. 4

    Deciding to either continue or quit my current project (~2 years in), or continue just for a little longer, in the hope that some miracle happens.

    Understanding what is wrong with my marketing approach for Dev Concepts (https://dev-concepts.dev)

    Choosing a name for my third child ;-)

    As you can imagine, one of those choices matters a lot more than the others =)

    1. 2

      Congratulations on your new baby! I can't help with naming - and doubt you'd want me to 😂

      For your project I think if you are going to put more time into it, I'd spend some time looking at the site design, it looks a bit outdated to me and this is a fast turnoff for something relating to web development (appreciate web design + development are not the same but I think it could help).

      Also I'm not sure why you list you books as 'tome' - I may be miss-understanding something but I've never been this word before.

      Also if you've written a while book I'm sure you have lots of great content, you could try putting out the first chapter of each as you complete within a blog type page - this will give people an idea of what to expect and potentially encourage them to purchase.

      I should finish by saying I've never tried selling a book/course so I could be completed wrong 🤣

      All the best!

      1. 1

        Hello Nick,

        Thanks for the feedback!

        Indeed, I'll keep the name choice between my wife and I, it's complicated enough like that ;-)

        I have actually two main projects at the moment; a SaaS startup project (two years in) and the Dev Concepts book series project (3.5 months in). The second one is fine, apart from the sales (I'm selling each volume separately and have also pre-orders for bundles).

        You're the second one to tell me about the site design, thanks. I thought it was okay-ish, although it's clearly tough to create good-looking UIs. I'm a good front-end architect, but I'm clearly no UI designer ;-)

        You're also the second one to tell me about the word "tome". I feel silly now haha. I need to change that to "Volume"; I think everyone knows that one!

        Good idea about putting parts of the content out there. I need to select some parts and turn those into blog articles.

        Thanks again!

    2. 1

      Didn't you try to tackle too much at once? Can you actually cover all these topics well? What's "tome"?

      I think you should redo your landing page. A short preview would be helpful.

      Other than that I wish you luck, selling is difficult. I know because I just started too.

      1. 1

        Hello Josef!

        Well, I'm writing one book at a time ^_^
        Yes, I can cover all of those topics, I have solid experience with most.

        I'm super surprised that the word "tome" is not known; English is not my native language, but I was convinced that the same word existed in english. I should rebrand to "Volume" instead ;-))

        Dev Concepts is actually a series of 12 (small) books (1-150 pages each)

        Thanks for the feedback about the landing page. UI design is clearly not my forte; maybe I should find help somewhere ;-)

        Best of luck with your project too!

  4. 2

    Preparing for the lifetime pre-order campaign ( landing page + screen shot + video + promotion) for my product welti.

  5. 2

    Trying to get companies to list on GoodRemoteJobs.com (it's free, yet all my cold emailing and twitter DMs seem to be in vain).

    1. 1

      You seem to have a chicken and an egg problem, right? How do you get companies to sign up when there are no teams, and how do you get teams to sign up when there are no companies?

      1. 1

        Indeed! Looks like I'll be manually creating them initially in order to have something to drive traffic to, which should translate to more interest and value from potential companies.

  6. 2

    Taking on client work is still the biggest roadblock for my side projects. Yet I'm not able to let them all go and go full indie.

  7. 2

    Trying to find ways to source more PR/media opportunities when I don't have budget for a PR firm. Any ideas?

    1. 1


      With my last startup (2 employee's) we got into the Independent and Guardian (few other smaller ones).

      We started by making a really interesting and captivating mission statement. And we wrote our own article, we hired copy-writers to check and make sure it's good.

      Then sent it out to every writer we could find do this by going on categories, for example, tech - then find all of the writers emails, they usually list it on their Twitter.

      A quick tip is to use hunter.io it was quite useful for finding emails and using an email sequence tool to automatically send them out at the best times (Around 2PM Tuesday for example)

      And the articles started rolling in, once one posted - others started copying the same thing.

      My personal opinion - I lost all respect for news sites lol, they just pasted word for word our article that we wrote for them, to get as many clicks as possible with the least amount of effort.

      So basically if you can make their job as easy as possible, with interesting content it's an easy win and you don't really need a PR company - we had tried a PR company too and it was useless.

      Hope this helps at all mate, let me know if you have any questions ( also English isn't my first language so apologies if something doesn't make sense)

      1. 2

        I'll think about how to get this done. Right now I've started writing our "mission statement" content on my personal Medium (in my voice, versus the company's on our blog). I am taking a little bit of a stab at incumbents with our messaging so that might be enticing enough for media outlets.

        I agree that what happens in this "news" industry is disappointing these days. It's just dying in a lot of ways, because of what's happened to the ad market. But, you can still leverage dumb reposts for quality backlinks and brand impressions, so yolo.

    2. 1

      Do you somewhat have some people within your own personal network that you could reach out to in connections to certain PR/media opportunities that you can do a press pitch email to?

      1. 1

        Yeah, I've been working those as I can for sure. I put together a decent press kit to hopefully get more wins there.

  8. 2

    I want validate my idea with simple sign up landing page, I run Google ads campaign with a very few result .

  9. 2

    Preparing second pre-release version of Deployment from Scratch (5 additional chapters) and selling some more copies.

    I really hope I can convince more people from my mailing list to buy. First alpha sold well I think (45 copies in the first week) and the challenge is to be as successful with this new update.

  10. 2

    Hi Siddhita, I have been trying to build a community for Product Startups. So trying to reach out to people. Not an easy task but I am trying my best.


    Good luck to you


  11. 1

    Figure out how to do marketing for Loopit(https://loopit.dev/)

  12. 1

    What is the advice for someone who wants to launch a project, but also needs to spend time on their 9 - 5? Should I try to find a better job, or would that take too much time if I have enough income to meet my current needs?

  13. 1

    My biggest challenge that I am currently facing this week is that I have a hard time learning new things that I can add to my skill set. Even though I love what I'm doing, it's just been so hard for me lately.

  14. 1

    I'm building and wanted to buildinpublic so I logged into my twitter account. My biggest challenge this week is to get my first followers on there 😅

    share some love https://twitter.com/thejonasme ♥️🙏

  15. 1

    Just getting started...working my day job and reading indie hackers everyday. I am so envious of everyone working on their own product and I still cant find something excited to work on. I tried exploring my own problems but nothing to mind that I want to build as a solution yet. Feeling stuck

  16. 1

    Constant anxiety. I have know idea why.

  17. 1

    Stripe not giving me a good option to verificate myself :( They ask to verify by creditcard but in my county it is very rare to have a creditcard. So I hope there is another way...

  18. 1

    I'm starting to get Facebook leads, but I get too nervous talking to real people

  19. 1

    Honestly, summer weather. I've been hard at work for the last few months and am a few weeks out from "shipping" my next big feature (not to customers, just a milestone for myself) and I am yearning to go out and play. That said, I've told myself I'm taking at least a week long staycation after I get this next big round of work completed, so it should be even nicer once I've arrived there!

  20. 1

    Finding time to work on https://midnight.pub, mostly. :) Hard to have a side-project going while work take so much of your day.

  21. 1

    I've been trying out some freelance designers on Upwork in the sub $40 range to create templates for the new design tool feature on https://baseline.is but I've been really struggling to get good results. They don't follow the guidelines I created and the results are rather bad. I've tried out about 6 designers now and I'm not very happy with any of them. Anyone got any recommendations for either designers on upwork or tips for finding good ones?

    1. 1

      I hope this helps. There is this tech youtuber 'kalle halden' who did a video on getting designers from upwork to design his mobile app. Check out his channel and look for that vid. The designers are good and they commented on the video too.

      1. 1

        Oh cool thanks! You wouldn't happen to have the link for that video? I searched for it but couldn't find that exact one, he has so many related ones it seems like.

        1. 1

          Sorry for the late reply @gilli. Here is the link to that video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjX4hY0GMmI

          1. 1

            Check the details of the designers on the video's description. Good luck!

            1. 1

              No worries about the late reply. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out! Cheers!

  22. 1

    What aspects of my book to focus on with limited time (my wife's having our baby any day now!). Marketing? Content? Code?

    I'm starting with just doing some code linting and seeing where it takes me.

    1. 2

      Depends where you are with your product. Has an MVP been released? Do you have customers? Are you pre-release? If you can only do one thing right now, pick which objective you need to accomplish more and do that.

      For example, my MVP is not yet released, so I'm not really putting much effort into content or marketing. Just heads down in code. Maybe not the best because I should be building an audience early, but one can only do so much in a day, especially with other obligations like family, so prioritize!

      It's a marathon, not a race :)

  23. 1

    "Stop thinking and start jumping" - like in Russian joke :) Drop doubts from head and start doing clear things in project step by step.

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