What's the leanest CRM you know/use?

I am starting to handle user outreach more and more, but as the sole developer, it's quite a task. I've noticed that CRM software suites are MASSIVE. All I want to do is track who I have contacted and ways to contact them.

Is there a scrappy CRM out there? Is there a market for one if one does not exist? You know how us indie hackers like to handle pain points. :)

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    The only one I know of that specifically tailors their product to solo business owners is Monica. Personally, I already had an AirTable pro account so I've been using it as a CRM. The article My Homegrown, Personal CRM gave me a lot of good ideas for how to structure it/automations/etc.

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    If you want REALLY bare bones and free AND use Gmail - check out Pigeon. It integrates right into the Gmail client via a plugin and provides JUST the basics of keeping track of interactions in different states, getting reminders, sending sequences. Barest bones I know of...

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    You can use Pipedrive and just take these actions:

    • Connect your inbox.
    • Import your contacts.

    All your emails will land in the related contact listing, and you'll be able to see when you've contacted them, which channel have you used, their answers...

    Pipedrive is really easy to set up for basic usage and works also well with more advanced usage.

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    Pipedrive is fairly simple!

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