No-Code November 18, 2020

What's the most complex site you've built in carrd?

Robert Bye @robertjbye

Would love to see other peoples solutions that push carrd as far as possible. Here's mine to start

It has multiple product pages, stripe checkout, and embeds - but I'm sure there are some much more complex ones out there

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    hey robert, the site design looks great!

    one quick thought around productizing though - i'd maybe suggest labeling the courses (e.g. course 1, course 2, course 3, etc.) in order to set the framework that each course is part of a larger multi-course bundle - which should have the added benefit of encouraging cross-purchasing behavior across courses as well.

    also, had a quick question too - i've used carrd in the past so was curious - did you effectively create a number of one-page sites on carrd first, and then stitch them together? or happen to come upon another solution altogether?


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      That’s such a good idea about splitting things out - especially for people who only eat a certain section of the course! I may have to look into that.

      And it’s just a single carrd side with section breaks and back links between them, nothing fancy.

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        nice workaround - was curious since we publish a startup ideation newsletter every week along with a companion landing page, meaning 52 new domains and 52 new websites for the full year. feel free to check it out here,
        cheers 👍

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    Wow, I'm impressed! That is a very good looking site. May I ask what font you used? I love it! A suggestion: add paypal as a payment option, I for example barely use my credit card.

    I made a couple of sites on carrd, nothing complex though. One of them:

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