What's the npm package you install every time?

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I often launch new projects.
And I really like this phase at the beginning where you start from a blank page and where everything has to be done!

And here comes that moment, our first "npm install"...

I just checked my last 4 projects and here's what they have in common:

  • TailwindCSS, big fan (I needed some time to understand how valuable this is)
  • Axios. I always struggled with fetch.
  • react-icons. It's the all-in-one package for icons... I think 90% of the time I use feather icons, but it's nice to have some choices!

And you? What are your essentials when you start a new project? The plugins you can't do without no matter what you're going to build?

  1. 2
    • authress-login
    • authress-sdk
    • aws-architect
    • aws-sdk
    • axios
    • axios-retry
    • bootstrap
    • bootstrap-vue
    • chai
    • commander
    • deep-freeze-strict
    • error-object-polyfill
    • eslint
    • json-stringify-safe
    • jsonwebtoken
    • lodash
    • luxon
    • node-sass
    • nodemon
    • openapi-factory
    • sass-loader
    • sinon
    • url-polyfill
    • url-search-params-polyfill
    • uuid
    • vue
    • vue-router
    • vuex
    • webpack
    • webpack-node-externals
    • webpack-visualizer-plugin
    1. 1

      That's quite a list! Do you use everything every time? So you develop mainly on AWS and with Vue I guess? ^^

      1. 2

        I just pulled the ones that were used in more than one repo in our org. Everytime... for UIs yeah, the list is slightly smaller for pure APIs, since the ui frameworks aren't necessary.

  2. 1

    npm-check to check if any of my packages need updating. I use it every day.

    1. 1

      Didn't know this one! Do you update your packages as soon as you can or just if the changelog seems to add something interesting for your project?

      1. 1

        I update right away - should I? Probably not since I've broken things and had to downgrade to an older version.

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