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Share with indie hackers the problem your current project solves. Feel free to drop a link to that project.

If you're just working on something because it seems cool/fun, and you don't think you're solving some big problem - feel free to share that too and tell us about it.

The problem I am trying to solve - by no means a unique one. Everyone wants to get their projects out there - you've worked hard and want to share it. With Fifty, I hope to help Indie Hackers get their projects in front of as many eyes as possible.

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    Founders don't know how to acquire customers.
    I help them get better at marketing.
    Zero to Marketing

    1. 1

      Andrea, great idea. I read through one of your case studies and thought it was super useful. In particular, I loved how you covered multiple marketing channels and tactics in a single case study. I'm looking to improve the marketing for my app so the wide range is real helpful. Subscribed.

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    Everybody wants their startup to succeed, but building brand awareness with online advertising is expensive. Cohoist helps you finally afford to get your name in front of more people by promoting groups of 4-8 startups at the same time with shared social media ads.

    1. 3

      We should get in touch @cohoist there are most probably some ways we can collaborate.

      1. 2

        👍 Just DMd you on Twitter

    2. 1

      Worked on the same concept on May; interested to know how is it doing?

      1. 1

        It's going really well! We just launched publicly over the weekend and got our first paying customer a couple hours later. Right now have an Indie Hackers exclusive offer where we're covering the cost of the 1st month so they get $320 of free shared advertising.

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    https://letterbase.io is a simple and privacy-friendly customer support messenger. The problems it solves:

    • Great customer support tools are unaffordable for small companies
    • Many tools are privacy-invasive
    • Many tools require you to learn and use their app. They don't integrate directly with your current workflow (e.g. your support email address).

    So Letterbase aims to be a fast, robust messenger with none of the bad stuff usually associated with it (privacy-invasive, bloated app, expensive, etc.)

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    I'm attempting to chip away at the military transition problem.

    We're the first online concierge for the military. A resource network propelling Marines lives forward by connecting them to their benefits and resources via SMS text, instead of going through the disorganized military bureaucracy.

    By building a trustworthy template for their success in the military, Fall In can be a trustworthy guide for their success as civilians.

    Every successfully transitioned military member makes a dent in the 22 a-day suicide rate.

    1. 3

      This is such an important issue. Please let me know if/how I can help

      1. 1

        Hey @grey_beard Thanks for your kind words. Are you a vet by chance?

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    Learning shouldn't require us to stare at a screen. Welcome to the magic of audio courses!


    1. 1

      Why don't you have a link called Courses? I saw that the app offers audio courses so I wanted to see which ones (before downloading any app) but I couldn't find that anywhere on the page.

      1. 1

        Great question. We're working on cleaning it up. Here is the ugly version of it: https://www.avocadoaudio.com/courses

    2. 1

      This is a super interesting idea. Do you have any published guides to help teachers think about converting their material to audio-only?

        1. 1

          This is great, thanks!

          Sidenote: I can't help but be amused that this is written...and not audio 😅

          1. 1

            Google loves text. But after a few more blog posts, I'll turn them into an audio course. Great idea!

            1. 1

              That makes sense! I’ll be keeping an eye on this :)

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    USER PROBLEM 👉 Help people remember names details about people (Revere app)

    PERSONAL PROBLEM 👉 Overcome my difficulty connecting with people and my fear of putting myself out there. I didn't realize I was solving this second problem until well into the project and it reminded me of this quote I heard once: "Exactly what you run from you end up chasing" 💯

    1. 2

      That's really cool. I definitely have the problem of forgetting people's names and also staying in touch with them.

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    pingr.io solves a simple problem: it notifies you if your site is down, so that you can act quickly.

    Indirectly I try to solve a problem of bad sleep :)

      1. 2

        Yes, quite similar

    1. 2

      I like that! Very simple and easy to understand solution for a problem that causes a lot of pain for people.

  8. 3

    more interesting question will be
    how did you validate what you are actually building

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    Organize and keep track of everything you love online.

    1. 1

      What is the problem though? Thats more so the idea.

      1. 1

        Ah ok.

        I’m solving the problem of how to keep track of and revisit the sites you love online. There’s an overwhelming amount of content and it’s hard to remember it all.

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    I am actually trying to solve three different problems at once:

    • Privacy: Too much user data is shared with 3rd party analytics
    • Cost: To have deep insights on your users and improve conversions you need to use multiple costly analytics tools at once.
    • UX: Navigating between multiple analytics tools makes it harder and slower to draw conclusions based on the tracked data.

    All-in-one self-hosted analytics

    1. 1

      I like your pricing strategy. Have you considered AWS or GCP marketplace? Is it easy to get in?

      1. 1

        Thanks! I did consider DigitalOcean marketplace but it looked like it's mostly for free/open-source software. There is no way to add a "premium" image on the marketplace so I would have to create a free one and then integrate some payment option within it. That being said, you can still create a DO droplet in one click as I provide a cloud-init script to automatically set it up.

        I have not looked into AWS or GCP marketplaces, but I do have plans to look into more ways to promote userTrack on hosting platforms where it's easy to setup a userTrack dashboard in a few clicks.

        I am also considering releasing a free version of userTrack with free functionality (freemium) which you can upgrade to the premium version, but for now my focus is on the product itself, not necessarily marketing or monetization.

        1. 1

          I also tried DO but found it wasn't as well known as GCP and AWS.

          Please do read product led growth (in case you haven't) before releasing freemium version.

          pdf link: https://productled.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Product-Led-Growth-Book_V9.pdf

          1. 1

            I went for DO as I think it is a lot better for the average user because of its much better UI, clear pricing structure and good price/performance ratio. I am trying to make self-hosting more mainstream instead of targeting solely highly technical devs that are more likely to use AWS or GCP.

          2. 1

            Thanks! I don't really like reading technical books (that try to explain how to do one thing) as I think they get outdated pretty quickly and they tend to explain very obvious things, so they are too "fluffy". I prefer learning from anecdotes, past experiences, current real-life examples and to go with my intuition.

            I have a pretty good idea of how the freemium model should work, but it's not a priority for now. I first want to make sure the premium (current) version is really good and provides incredible value, so that the free version can also provide enough value for people to want to use it, without making the premium version obsolete.

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    Nodewood is a JavaScript SaaS starter kit. I always found myself spending way too much time writing the boilerplate code for each new app I wanted to start, so I figured having a common starting point would save a lot of time going forward. Then I figured that I can't be the only one with this problem, and decided to turn it into a product!

    Nodewood handles user auth, api server/webpack setup, application layout, admin panel, subscriptions and more. Haven't launched yet, but I'm putting the finishing touches on, so I hope to launch soon!

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    With e.g https://tablericons.com I've tried to fix my own problem to have a bunch of SVG icons that can be configurable in terms of color, size, stroke, and have the ability to copy to clipboard instantly instead of downloading them.
    I usually include the SVG code directly to HTML so the copy is much more valuable for me.

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    Researching and hustling to find paid users for upstamps.com

  14. 3

    Problem: many domain names, but few sideprojects
    Not sure how many others are like me, but I've registered so many domain names that never turned into anything.
    I think it should be more fun and more convenient to turn a domain name into a sideproject

    Solution: a service that makes it super easy and fun to setup all the basics and get something out there that will allow you to get feedback on your idea
    https://kickstart.dev sets up email, analytics, a mailing list, and a landing page in just a few clicks. Also allows you to sort and organize your domain names, so you know where to start.

    1. 1

      This is interesting, do you have paid customers? And if so, can you share, how you found them and market your product? Thanks!

      1. 1

        Hi Zencentric, I've only launched a couple of days ago, so no paid customers yet.
        I will try to find them in places where my target audience hangs out, for example here at indiehackers!

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    People neglect or struggle to maintain healthy social relationships.

    https://amicu.app - reminders to keep in touch with people.

  16. 2

    I provide a platform for deploying container with all batteries included.

    Too many times I wanted to launch something simple and have it running fast and simple and also see logs, metrics, get alerts, etc without having to deal with a lot of external services or configuring and managing other self hosted ones. For deploying a few web crawlers, having proper logging, alerting and monitoring means deploying services whose complexity and resource allocation is way too much.


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    Press kits are a vital part to any game launch, but it can be time consuming to build a visually appealing one with best practices in mind. GamePressKit allows you to build, manage, and publish press kits easily so you can focus on building games.

  18. 2

    1️⃣ People want to make websites
    2️⃣ People don't know how to code

    I'm making a no-code website builder called Tazzo.app. You can connect your individual UI blocks to airtable sheets & build data-rich websites for your next project!

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    Notion doesn't have a way to add charts or visualize the data in tables so I build one.


    1. 1

      what if they do after a few weeks o_O

      1. 2

        Yeah, First party support is way better than the third party support, I actually request them and they said it's on their Roadmap but after looking around the web for a solution I found an old tweet asking for the same feature and it was from 2018, so rather than waiting for them to build I build it in 5 days.

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    Companies struggle understanding the learnings from their support team.
    Support teams don't look at the metrics that are important enough.
    Support teams don't talk about the ways they can improve enough.

  21. 2

    Finding roommates who are stable working professionals.

    We provide a marketplace that lets you do just that.

  22. 2

    Making a tool that will email hiring managers to help people get jobs. Calling it Auto Apply

  23. 2

    Most employees of companies today lose time processing data and running processes manually because they cannot afford to build an application to digitalize their work, and there is no existing tool doing exactly what they need.

    With Open Lowcode, developers can build a specific application in a few hours or days. 95% of the app is built assembling bricks, and the tricky last 5% can just be coded.

  24. 2

    Founders make lots of mistakes while building their companies.
    I showcase stories from failed projects where they can learn from!
    Phoenix Down

  25. 2

    I want to help community builders to monetize their communities and get analytics of their communities. My products are telegram, slack and discord bots. You can find more information here: https://community-finder.co

  26. 2

    Online video conferences can be unfocused and unproductive. https://zgenda.net solves this problem broadcasting your meeting agenda to your Zoom call so everybody stay on the same topic.

  27. 2

    Consumers don't know if there is a solution for their problem,
    Startups don't know how to find the consumers whose problem they solve,
    https://needgap.com connects both of them.

  28. 2

    SongBox helps musicians and other music creators understand how their music is engaged with after they send it out.

  29. 2

    Business need to be human again!
    Send 30-second personal videos to interact with and thank customers via text and email instantly.

    Acquiring new customers is hard and expensive, the real bread and butter of any business is retaining customers. Using https://videoup.co, communicating quickly and authentically via video builds trust, and increases customer/donor retention and giving year-after-year, regardless of the growing competition.

  30. 2

    Problem: Getting updated about what's going in the remote work world.

    Solution: Remote Letter, a newsletter that curates news, products, blogs and relevant information from 100+ sources and delivers you via email every week.

    Here is a sample if you want to check out.

  31. 2

    Founders are human too! Everybody needs help and guidance specially in the early phases of building a startup.

    We are creating a support network of founders who will meet regularly, share resources, learn from other successful founders, and hold each other accountable.


  32. 2

    remote teams can't stay in sync during work https://simpleboard.io

  33. 2

    This tool helps your Facebooks ads to re-target better (predicting intent and re-targeting). https://deepneurals.com

  34. 2

    packetriot.com instantly host your web site or application from any network.

  35. 2

    Well, developers are busy building products so I made MondayMetrics for developers to keep track of their social presence.
    It tracks -

    • Twitter followers Count
    • Github Followers Count
    • Github Repo Star Count
    • Hacker News Karma
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    I'm a copywriter/marketer so with SwipeBox.me, I mainly tried to solve a problem for myself (and folks like me).

    The problem was that I would often find webpages that had really interesting marketing angles but saving them and organising the files was always a pain.

    So SwipeBox.me lets you export websites to PDFs but is also a personal cloud library for all your PDFs so you have them all in one neat, organised and searchable place.

    That's the basic idea, which came from mainly solving an itch for myself and my friends!

    1. 2

      I love this idea! What was your tech stack to build it? Are you in need of any development partners?

  37. 2

    Just acquired BurnChurn.io!

    Most folks have better things to do with their development time and resources than to build a smooth exit flow process (which retain leaving users and to gain valuable insights for product development) :-)

  38. 2

    [Fun, at least for me]
    I'm solving a problem for those desperate developers who think their Github contribution page is the representation of their skills. With my tool they can create whatever contribution page and take a screenshots :D


    I've even managed to put Space Invaders there (fake it till you make it)

  39. 2

    Multiple projects, not enough time? https://www.simpletasking.com makes it easy to manage multiple projects with different teams with a simple, clean, and easy to use platform.

  40. 1

    Building a PWA has a steep learning curve.
    With Progressier, it's 1 line of code instead.

  41. 1

    Help startups find early adopters.

  42. 1

    I have seen a lot of founders to be in an idea rut.
    I am creating a newsletter to help people with new ideas and market segments/business models they could possibly venture into.

  43. 3

    This comment was deleted 2 days ago.

    1. 2

      I just wanna say, I tried your app, and it's really hard to figure out how to use
      I can create a new project but past that I feel like an idiot. you might wanna work on an onboarding or more CTAs

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted 2 days ago.

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