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What's wrong with my website?

Good evening wonderful people,

I'm making today this post in order to see and understand what is missing from our website.

My team and I have created and are constantly developing a free social network platform named Westeria, which for the time being does not include any premium services. It will be hosting all kind of interests, passions and hobbies with absolutely no filters. It is a place where we want to promote freedom of speech and diversity, including all sort of topics - varying from the most to the least mainstream ones - all being treated equally, as each opinion and view matters. We endeavor to tackle major issues that social media are faced with nowadays, through state-of-the-art and innovative tools, since modern problems require modern solutions!

In today's ever-evolving digitized environment, most communities suffer from 2 major problems:

They are not easily discoverable.

Moderation is extremely harsh, leaving the average user powerless.

Our mission is to democratized the social media industry by giving the control back to people.

Please let us know what you find interesting about our website and on the other hand what you think is missing or it is badly made.
Thank you in advance!


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    I think your product needs a little pivot to something more useful and I didn't understand the use case of the product.

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